12; With the rumored nights, with the rendezvous.

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"I still can't believe he did that!" Sisky exclaims to William as he pulls into the school parking lot, "And for you of all people!?" Sisky laughs at himself, while William rolls his eyes at his almost-brother. William punches Sisky in the arm, "Shut-up!" William whines, taking a drink of his water bottle.

Sisky closes his car door and waits for William to come out. The wind hits William's face, both boys are bundled in scarves and coats. It's too cold for the middle of March in Sisky's opinion. The two boys walk side by side, looking at all the kids in the courtyard. Everyone's looking at William, muttering and whispering, while Sisky looks just a tad bit pissed off.

Gabe approaches the both of them smiling with a starbucks cup in his hand. William smiles back, while Sisky nods his head and says he has to meet his girlfriend inside.

"Can I have your drink?" William asks Gabe, looking at the warm drink with a sense of love. Gabe laughs at his boyfriend, the outcome of his breath can be seen in the air.

"Not even a hello?" Gabe gasps, ruffling William's hair with his hand, "I woke up at three am a few days ago to hold your hair back, while you puked your guts out," Gabe teases him, William glares at his boyfriend. He remembers the night, he was embarrassed and a hot mess, Gabe made him feel at home by taking care of him for the rest of the night, getting him water and Advil, staying in with him until 9 am. He could've left, but he stayed, that's what matters to William.

"Hello," William says to him, "Can I have some of your -"

"Hot chocolate?" Gabe interrupts him with a smirk, William blushes, and nods, "Of course, angel." Gabe gives William the hot chocolate. William kisses Gabe, which is surprising for William, since he's not the most affectionate person. William leans his body on his boyfriend, making them seem like a couple for the whole student body, for once.

"Angel," Gabe groans to him softly, "We are in the middle of the courtyard." He says through his teeth, "I don't want to be like this, while I take an English quiz." Gabe says, William smiles at his boyfriend's words, "I don't want to think about you during my English quiz," Gabe says, "It's about Jane Eyre and how she's prude, and trust me, I won't be thinking about innocent thoughts if you keep looking at me like that."

"You're so adorable when you know you know nothing about the book." William says to Gabe, giving him the drink back, looking at the time on his phone, "I should get going." William says Gabe nods at him.

"I love you!" Gabe shouts out to William, as he walks away, getting lost in the crowd of students. William freezes a shocked look appears on his face, someone finally said it to him.


"He finally said it," William is walking to his class next class with Ryan, prior the two had english together, Tom decided not to show up to school today. Ryan looked at William weirdly, his binders in his hands, William sighs loudly, "He told me he loved me!" William whisper screams, Ryan rolls his eyes at William.

"Have you seen the way Gabe looks at you?" Ryan asks him, "He looks at you like you're the fucking stars and the moon, Beckett." He says before William can answer, William, blushes at his friend's kind words.

"Shut-up!" William exclaims, his voice cracks a little as he says it. William looks back at the classroom, most people are already there, "see you!" Ryan says, running to his next class. William sighs as he walks in class facing his classmates onto the way to his seat.

They don't talk in class, on account that they have a test that day. They talk after class though, William looks at his boyfriend a lot during the test. If what Gabe's doing a test, he's losing his shit.

"Wait Up!" Gabe yells to William, as William was about to head for lunch.

William turns on his heels, "Hey?" William asks

"You came really late, are you okay?" Gabe asks his boyfriend in a worrying tone, like William's mother used to sound like in Chicago.

"I was just talking to Ross about stuff," William smiles to his boyfriend, Gabe nods. "Gabe?" William says quietly, "yeah, angel?" Gabe says to him, the two are standing in an empty hallway now, up against the lockers.

"Did you mean to say that this morning?" William asks, Gabe laughs to himself and turns red, "William, I don't wanna rush you, but yes." Gabe says, "I do love you with all my heart." Gabe whispers to William. William tries to not smile, and his blush is prominent.

"I love you too, I guess." William's words are shy, but it's out there now. Gabe smiles and takes William's hand in his hand, "I'm so glad that you, William Eu-"

"I can take it back you know," William teases, Gabe smirks at him, "It's fine, thanks though"

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