34~Old can't be mad

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Marie-Anne's POV

I really appreciated Dylan apologizing, but I didn't want him to apologize simply because he wanted us to be together, I wanted him to do because he wanted us to raise a kid together. "I don't know, Marie, he sounded like he really wanted you guys to raise the kid together," Esther replies after I've told her about what happened earlier at work.

Esther is now dressed in her scrubs ready for a night at work; we were sitting at the island eating dinner together before she has to leave. "Maybe you're right," I utter playing with my spaghetti. She fills her mouth with the rest of her spaghetti, rushing to put her plate in the sink. It was time for her to leave. "You know you should look for another job," I express following her toward the door.

"You can do that for me," she says grabbing her bag to leave. I nod my head telling her I will look for another job for her. She opens the door revealing the last person I thought would show up here. Okay, maybe that is a lie, it's Dylan, he shows up wherever he think I might be. To some it might be sweet, but sometimes it's honestly annoying. "I'll see you in the morning," Esther states giving me a smile. "Dylan," she greets him exiting the door.

"Have a good day, um... I mean night," I watch as she goes to her car driving away. I turn my attention to Dylan giving him a fake smile, "Dylan," I say between my teeth, "what are you doing here?" I question him. I thought he had to drive back here from Gainesville.

"Wanted to talk and you are so rude," he says pushing me out of the way to enter the door. He's the rude one, I didn't even invite him in. "Didn't your mom teach you how to greet people?" He asks.

"Yes, she did, but since when do I listen to my mother?" I ask him. He doesn't understand what I mean by that, he just chuckles shaking his head. If I had listened to my mother, I would have never gotten raped in high school, I would have never dated a white boy, I would have never gotten pregnant, but I don't listen to her, do I?

"You should listen to her more," he suggests taking a seat on my sofa. I follow him to the sofa taking a seat to the one across from him.

"What do you want Dylan?" I ask him. I don't like small talk, just get to the point if you have something to say. "And did you call Rebecca?" I ask him. I don't want her to die out of worrying. She's the one who needed to see him not me, even though I was a little bit worried when I didn't know where he was, but after he called I knew he went to see his bitch of a mother. He's a son of a bitch, I laugh thinking about it.

"What's so funny?" He asks, "and yes I called Rebecca," he adds.

"Nothing," I say not being able to hold the laughter in, it's not even that funny. Being a son of a bitch is never a good thing. "You should go see Rebecca, she was really worried."

"Marie-Anne, I don't care okay? I don't want to see Rebecca, I wanted to see you, now can you please stop being so danm difficult?!" He asks raising his voice.

"I'll stop being difficult when I feel like it," I roll my eyes at him. He closes his eyes rubbing his hands over them, he opens his eyes sighing. He stares at me shaking his head; he gets up grabbing his keys to leave.

"I don't like admitting I'm wrong and that's exactly what I did earlier, so now you can decide if you want to be grown adults about this or do you want to keep playing games. I don't like games Marie-Anne, I don't like difficult things, and I don't like being played with either."

"Bye," I wave my hands telling him to leave. I am being so petty right now, but if he wants to get mad and act all tough, I can also get mad. He huffs and leaves to walk out the door, "where are you going?" I ask him getting up from the sofa and following him towards the door.

"Marie-Anne, I've been driving for two hours straight, I haven't been home in three days, I haven't gotten a good night sleep in three days, I'm tired, I'm sleepy, I'm hungry, I'm going home. Just call me when you stop being a child," he blurts out. Okay, that is a lot of things to be at one moment. Now, he is making me feel bad for acting petty. He opens the door to leave.

"Fine, I'm sorry," I say apologizing, he turns around and look at me. "I'll get you something to eat and I'll stop acting like a child," I tell him.

"I'm leaving," he says passing his hands through his already messy hair. I put my hand on the door so he doesn't leave. He sucks his teeth, "please move," he expresses nicely. I shake my head no and he puts his phone and keys which were in his hands inside his jeans pocket. Okay, what is he doing? He lifts up my small body, I start kicking my feet begging him to put me down. He walks me to my sofa putting me down. "Next time you try to block someone, remember you weight the same as a feather."

"I do not," I snap back getting up. "Can you just stay?" I ask him.

"Nope," he says. I do a cute puppy face so he can stay, he chuckles, "won't work on me," he says following the chuckle.

"How was your mom?" I ask him to give him a reason to speak.

"Why do you care?" He asks back.

"If we are going to raise a kid together, I think she deserves to know how her grandmother is," I lie. I could care less about his mother. And if we are to raise a kid together, her name will be forbidden.

"He," he corrects.

"He?" I ask him not quite understanding what he means.

"You referred to the kid as a she, it will be a he," I nod my head not saying anything. I don't care if the baby is a girl or a boy, as long as he or she is healthy, I'll be fine with it. Although, I'd preferred it to be a girl. "And I don't want my kid knowing about my mother."

"Okay," I simply reply. That's makes two of us, I mean how do you explain to a kid that they're grandmother is now in jail because she tried to kill me. "But anyways, how was your mother?" I ask him again.

"She's fine, thanks for pretending to care," he says.

"No problem," I answer back.

"Come here," he orders.

"What?" I question approaching him. He engulfs me in a hug rubbing his hand over my dark hair.

"I'm sorry," he says again, "I'm so sorry, I'm sorry for being such an ass to you."

"Dylan, it's fine," I reassure him, "what matters is that you're here now," I say closing my eyes and enjoying his natural scent.


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