Chapter 17

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(Y/N) eventually removed her head from Ja'far's chest and looked up at him, smiling. "Thank you Jaffy. I feel better now." She steps away from him and looks down to Mystros, sitting next to him. "Mr. Mystros, are you scared for Sin?"

"Yeah... Whatever he uses will get thrown back at him."

"Wanna play a game to distract you?"

"What is it?" He watches as she crawls in front of him and holds her hands out in front of her.

"My papa used to play patty cake with me. So what you do is repeat a couple of motions, but every time you do it, you go faster. Whoever messes up first loses." Mystros nods as (Y/N) shows him how to play the relatively simple game, making Ja'far watch curiously. "Ready?" Mystros nods and she smiles. She starts slow, then starts going faster, making the red haired teen slightly panic and try to keep up with the small girl in front of him. Once he loses, he slaps his legs in frustration as she claps her hands, then looks at Ja'far. "Do you wanna try Jaffy?"

"No. I don't have the patience for that. We're waiting on Sin to come back."

"Please?" Ja'far looked down to the girl as she smiled at him, making him sigh and sit beside her. "Yay! Were you watching when me and Mr. Mystros were playing?"

"Yes. I know what to do." The two of them start playing for a good while, the two keeping up with each other while Hinahoho and Mystros smiled.

"Look at them go. I've never seen Ja'far act slightly childish since we've known him." (Y/N) eventually messed up and frowned, then lunged towards Ja'far, making him land on his back.

"You won Jaffy!" She giggles and gets off of him, helping him up as Sinbad and Knight King Darius floated back in. Everyone looked at them as (Y/N) ran towards Sinbad and grabbed onto his shirt with a smile on her face.


"I'm bored! Should we go find Mr. Mystros?" (Y/N) rocked on her heels as she watched the other 3 in front of her. She frowns a bit when no one answered back, so she turned and wandered around for a bit, getting lost. 'Uh oh.'

"Sinbad, thanks for waiting!"

"Have you said all your goodbyes, Mystros?"

"Yes. I was also given a mission by the knights.

"Yeah. It seems like sasan knights can get permission to leave the country if they have a special mission. I guess the knight king's the type of guy that can arrange to send his son away, huh?"

"Now I can finally leave... It's like a dream." As Sinbad and Mystros talked, Ja'far turned to look for (Y/N) to see that she was missing.

'Great...' "Lord Hinahoho, I'm going to look for (Y/N). It shouldn't take very long." Hinahoho nods and Ja'far walks away, looking for the girl. After several minutes of wandering about, he found her picking something up off the ground and storms over to her. "(Y/N)!" She jumps a bit, almost dropping the item she found on the ground, then looks over at him. "I thought I told you not to wander off like that."

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