Lies | Part 2 [Various]

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Continuation of 'Lies | Part 1 [Various]'


Panting as you trudged up the steep mountain.

The same old sentence used to describe as you slowly walked up the mountain as a student of class 3E.

You really missed the class and your teacher, Koro~sensei.

This mountain was very special to you, although it was a pain walking up it. The view was totally worth it. With a beautiful Forrest for hiding, a river to make an amazing swimming pool.

No wonder why 3E enjoyed the classroom, especially when they were the end class.

You looked at your watch which read 8:55 am, you had 5 more minutes before the meetup started. You began to ran.


You arrived at the meetup at precisely 9:00 am panting like a dog as you tried to catch your breath.

Streamers were decorated at the entrance with colourful balloons on each side. Yelling and giggling could be heard from inside.



"Are you married?"

You walked towards the entrance, everybody froze and stared at you. Suddenly, they ran towards you screaming and tears streaming down their eyes.


The your former classmates crowded around you hugging you or patting you on the back. Stepping back they let you have a turn to speak.

"Hello everybody! I've missed you a lot and many things have been happening recently..." you trailed off.

"What's wrong (y/n)?" Isogai spoke up.

"Uhhh.. I-Its... ju-just.." you sniffled. You were a well loved classmate and everybody cared for you in class 3E, whenever you needed help somebody was willing to help you.

"My boyfriend, Ino, cheated on me...."

"I WILL BREAK THAT GUY'S FACE!" Karma spoke as he rolled up his sleeves.

You wiped your eyes with the back of your hand, Nagisa who was behind you patted your back.

"Anyways, lets not get sad. We're here to celebrate! Let's enjoy our time!" Maehara spoke up as he held up a party hat. He carefully placed in over your head, grinning.


You played many games with 3E having fun. Kayano improved in her personality and was a little bit nicer. You could speak and have a nice conversation with her.

"Hello, I'm so sorry what happened with Ino..."

"It's okay, I'm glad I didn't get married to him."

"Listen, I want to tell you that the boys like you..."

"They do?"

Back when you were in your third year, you were transfer to class 3E because of (reason). However, you were not sad but you greeted the class with a happy smile.

Soon, the boys in 3E had feelings for you and you had taken their hearts away. You however, was a very stubborn person and was very oblivious. Kayano and Rio tried to hint their feelings to you but you just laughed.

You got together with Ino a few years later, the boys were sad but they would respect your decision. They wanted you to be happy.

Unfortunately, Ino stuffed up. They were suppose to feel sad for you but they couldn't. The boys felt happy as it gave them another chance to win your heart once more.

You were a very kind person with a fragile heart.

"EHHHHHHH 3E GUYS LIKE ME?!" you screamed out loud.

Maehara turned around staring at you with a shocked expression, how did you know? Nagisa was looking at the ground and fidgeting. Karma was smirking but he tried to hide the expression he was embarrassed.

The rest just looked nervous and embarrassed.

Kayano mentally face palmed, how dense were you?

"I-Is it true you all like m-me?" you stuttered as you tried to process the information.

"Yes, we were hoping you would break off with Ino, the jerk, we sometimes found him with another female at the cafe. We thought it was about work so we didn't tell..." Karma spoke up.

"I don't know what you say..." you went down onto your knees. There along they were, people who loved you but you were oblivious and you didn't realise.

How stupid you were for not realising. They were right in front of you. 

"How about you choose one of us?" Isogai suggested.

"I like one of you too.... I choose...."


Part 3 will be the endings and the endings will be short and simple. I'm sorry if some characters get bigger endings.

Sorry if the ending was rushed. I had to somehow end the part 2 ending. *please make sense author*

Anyways until next time

- Kuuro

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