Chapter One

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Hey guys! This is the second story that I'm writing, hopfully it's going to be better than the other one now that I know whats it's like ;) It'd be really supportive if you'd vote and comment, I'd really apreciate it <3

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Chapter One

Zack's P.O.V

'Don't mess with me, bitch!' I punched him in the jaw when he smirked.

'You asshole!' Kai hissed as he grabbed his jaw, he swung his fist at my face but I dodged it and caught his fist that was in the air and twisted.

'I told you, don't mess with me.' I growled in his ear, he nodded and I let go but he ingnored my warnings and tackled me to the floor. People were gathering around and cheering us on, my gang were sneering at Kai's group who were smirking.

'What's all this fuss about?' A loud voice boomed down the hallway and all the students scurried away appart from our groups.

'Get off of me. Before we all get into trouble,' I said through gritted teeth. This dude kept on frustrating me and getting in my way, he couldn't even hold a fight that he always seems to 'win'.

'Fine,' he huffed and motioned for his group to leave while he struggled to get up. I pushed him off of me to help him and led my group the opposite direction off the headteacher.

'Hey! Get back here! Is that you Zack? Oh Kai, care to explain?' He asked in a sturn voice and we turned a corner, out of site.

I could hear Kai trying to explain that I attacked him, but the headteacher didn't believe him. I wasn't there and Kai wasn't even bleeding, so he had no proof. I laughed and my friends hi-fived me.

'Dude, he's such a pussy. He can't even fight,' Caleb said in his british accent and laughed.

'Well, he did beat up that quarter back though.' Josh pointed out.

'The poor dude is two years younger than us,' Dylan said, shaking his head in disgust.

'Kai has no bounderies,' Max muttered. Max was the quietest one out of the group, but he was the most trust worthy and when shit hit the fan he was always there to help, even in the worst situations.

I sighed, 'Let's get to class guys. The bells gonna ring soon.' They all nodded and we walked to class with the usual small chatter.

Well, you're probably wondering what happened between me and Kai, since we do hate eachother. But guess what? I'm not going to tell you, I've never told anyone. Not even my gang, but besides what happened between us, Kai is a huge jerk and is worse than any bully jock there is.

 will admit, he was good looking. He had lightish brown hair and peacful greyish blue eyes, but from the inside, he wasn't peaceful at all. He was fit and had sexy abs, not too much and not too little. Yes, he was hot, but he personality wasn't.

 sighed as I walked into class and sat down at the back of the class room. We were a few minutes early so I listened to the guys conversation.

'So yeah, I'm thinking of asking her out but I don't know when or how to bring it up.' Josh frowned and ran his hand through his hair.

'Mhm, I don't know. Is it the same as a guy asking a guy out?' Caleb asked frowning with him. I chuckled to myself silently. Josh was the only straight guy in our group and when ever he had problems with a girl and asked us for advise we couldn't really help, we weren't sure if it was the same or not.

'Just go for it man, she's a pretty lady and could be stolen at any time.' Dylan nudged him on the shoulder playfully and smirked.

'I know that,' Josh stated a bit annoyed. 'I just don't know how.'

'Hi, sorry. I couldn't help but over hear your conversation and I couldn't just stand here and say nothing,' We all looked up from our desks to see an unfamiliar boy standing infront of us. 'You seem like a nice guy so I would say that you should be your self and go with the flow. Take her out on a simple date and ask her when you feel the time is right, when you're comfortable.' The boy shrugged then smiled and turned to walk away to the front of the room.

I turned back to look at Josh who was bushing slightly. 'Who is that guy?' I asked confused, that was random. Everyone shook there heads and shrugged. Josh was still blushing.

'You ok man?' I asked with a light punch on the shoulder and he nodded numbly not taking his eyes off of the front of the room.

'Why are blushing?' Max asked, almost teasing.

'Just embbarresed that he heard about my personal problems,' Josh rushed out and shook his head shaking off the blush.

'M'k,' we all mumbled but Max said nothing and just stared at Josh.

We all turned to face the front of the room as class started. There was three people standing at the front, a girl, a boy and the guy that approached us earlier.

'Good morning, class.' Miss James greeted us kindly, she was really nice and one of my faveroute teachers. 'We have some new students joining us this year,' she motioned to the kids standing at the front.

'Ok, why don't you introduce us and tell us a bit about yourselves.' She grinned and turned to them, all of the cass looked up and looked at the girl who was suppoed to speak first. She blushed at the sudden attention and fiddled with her fingers nervously.

'Erm...My name is Danni and...I...err...' She bit her lip nervously and looked as if she was trying to think of something to say. The boy next to her nudged her lightly. 'Oh! And both of the boys next to me are my cousins,' she smiled happily and sighed in relief.

Danni was really pretty, but she was also really cute. Her body was petite and she looked really small and fragile. She said that the other guys were her cousins and she was right, the one that approached us earlier looked like her.

'Hi, I'm Shaun and this is my twin brother.' Shaun pointed to the guy next to him. Saun however, didn't look like either of them. He had dark hair and piercings, snake bites and a nose ring. The other two had light hair and his brother looked nothing like him appart from his eyes, at least I think so. I couldn't really see from the back of the room.

t was his brother's turn now, the one that talked to us earlier.

'Hi, my name's Sasha and like they said, we're all related.' Sasha grinned happily and was about to walk of to take a seat but Miss James stopped him.

'We already know that, tell me something new.' She said, pleading with her eyes.

Sasha thought for a moment, 'We all came from New York.' He smied, then continued to his seat.

And after that, class started and I glanced at Josh who was sitting beside me. He was staring at Sasha, he looked between curious and confused.

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