Missing Steve-angst/fluff | Peggy Carter x Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)

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Diana looked out the window of her apartment in Brooklyn, New York, at all of the hustle and bustle of the city below. It had hardly been 20 years since the last world war that lured her out of Themiscyra and took her love away, and already another one had started. Mortals...would they ever learn? She took a sip of her steaming coffee and decided she had lingered long enough. It was time to go to work.

Working in a mechanic's shop was no big deal for Diana. She was strong, and could easily handle the work of assembling plane engines. She always felt bad about watching her fellow women struggle to move some of the larger parts and tighten the bolts all the way, but she knew they had to do it themselves and build muscle if they were ever to keep their jobs here. Building planes occasionally reminded her of Steve as well, and sometimes she had to take an extra long bathroom break to ensure no one noticed she had been crying. As boring and emotionally stressful as her job was, it made money, and that was what mattered in this society, the one that had broken her heart and virtue but not her spirit. Besides, there was always one perk of working there: she got to see Peggy every day. Peggy worked in the call center across the street, and they ended work at the same time. Diana always went a little out of her way to walk parallel to Peggy until Peggy rounded a corner and went out of sight, and then Diana had to turn back and return to her apartment for the night. Despite the fact that she was a warrior created by Zeus himself, she still couldn't find the courage to cross the street and talk to confident, beautiful, headstrong miss Peggy. Oh, how she wished she could.

Hera almighty, she's British. Diana had come out of work to a surprise today. Miss Peggy was standing outside the door, waiting, and all she had said was hello but Diana already felt her heart skip a beat. She quickly regained her composure and smiled at Peggy, saying hello back. Peggy smiled a bit more to herself. Bloody hell, she's exotic.
"So how long have you been ogling me from across the street?" Peggy asked, crossing her arms.
"Long enough to find you attractive," Diana replied, sticking her hands in her overall pockets with a smirk.
"I appreciate that," Peggy said, with a slight head tilt. "But I have a beau, and he's very good to me."
"Ah," Diana replied, nodding. "Well then, perhaps we can simply be friends."
"Perhaps we can," Peggy said. "Where are you headed?"
"Home," Diana responded, nodding to the side. "You?"
"The same," Peggy said. "Perhaps we could go out for tea first, though? I had a long day and I need to calm my nerves."
"That would be nice," Diana replied. "Do you know a place?"
"I do," Peggy replied, starting to walk off. Diana walked after her and then fell in step as they walked along, coming to the realization that she had missed having a companion.

As the war continued, Diana and Peggy became ever closer, despite the fact that Peggy was often out of town to help with "things and such." They enjoyed bonding over tea, talking about their respective Steves, and breaking the fragile masculinity of the few remaining men who tried to flirt with them. Then, as the war drew to a close, Peggy wasn't around at all anymore. Diana became worried. Had something happened to her? Diana waited outside the call center for hours each day, waiting for Peggy to walk out with her bright lipstick, bouncy curls, and perfect posture. But she never came. Her friends all walked out without her, as bubbly and perky as usual despite their missing piece. The war was coming to an end, and Diana was starting to believe the worst. She decided to wait outside one more day. Today, however, Peggy's friends spoke in hushed tones, and all looked somber. Diana approached them and asked what was the matter.
"Didn't you hear?" one of them said. "Captain America's dead. He crashed a plane in the Arctic somewhere. It's all over the papers." Diana felt her heart drop into her stomach. She knew about the double life Peggy's Steve led, and suddenly remembered what it felt like losing her Steve. "It was on the same day Peggy's boyfriend died in combat," another one of the ladies said. "Poor girl probably doesn't have any reason left to live."
"Where is she?" Diana asked.
"She's at home now," the first lady said.
"Take me to her."

Diana stopped at Peggy's door when she heard sobs from inside, hesitating before knocking on her door.
"Peggy?" Diana asked quietly when the crying subsided. "Can I come in?"
"Yes," Peggy said, clearly trying to sound pulled together. There was a slight rustle of clothes. "Come in." Diana entered the room and looked over at Peggy. She had clearly been crying, and she hadn't bothered to take off any of her makeup beforehand. Her hair was kind of a mess, and her clothes were wrinkled. She still sat up straight anyways, military in demeanor as she usually was. Diana walked over to the sink, taking the rag from out of her back overall pocket and washing out all of the engine grease and sweat that she could, wringing it out before walking over to Peggy and sitting next to her. Peggy looked over at Diana as the Amazon started to gently wipe away the ruined makeup from her face.
"I lost my Steve in a plane accident too," Diana said. Peggy's face shifted a bit into an expression of slight confusion, since Diana never spoke of her lost love. "He was saving my life, and the lives of many others in the process. He sacrificed himself, by letting himself be caught in an explosion that otherwise would have killed millions." Once all of the makeup was washed away, Diana set the rag down and started to let down Peggy's hair. "He was a hero, as your Steve was. They died for something greater than themselves." Diana cupped Peggy's face in her hands and gave her a gentle kiss on the forehead before looking in Peggy's eyes and wiping away her tears with her thumbs. "Now we must fight for the same sentiment they believed in to honor their memory. We rise up after falling down. We become warriors." Peggy didn't respond, and simply hugged Diana tightly. Diana hugged her back. "But for now, you can mourn. There's no shame in tears." Peggy started crying again, letting her grief pour out of her.
"He promised he'd dance with me," she sobbed. "He promised."
"I know, sweetheart," Diana said, stroking Peggy's curls. "I know."

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