You're sad | Preference

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It's been a while since I did a preference oh wow, going to try do these quite a lot more again x


Rye can always tell when you're sad, straight away. He'll pin you down on the nearest possible sofa or bed, and tickle your sides until he hears that giggle he adores so much.

Brooklyn hates when you're upset, and he'll do anything to make you happy again. He'll clown around and make an idiot of himself until you smile, then leave little kisses all over your face.

He always knows straight away, he'll go out and buy your favourite ice cream and puts on a show you love. He'll just cuddle you and give you endless amounts of love until you feel happy again.

Mikey knows exactly what to say to cheer you up. He'll tell you what he loves about you and whisper sweet things into your ear, cuddling you until he knows you're back to your happy self.

When you're upset, Jack will hug you and not let go. He'll sing your favourite songs softly into your ear and make sure you know he isn't going anywhere until you're okay.

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