Chapter 1

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Ben, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and a few other students were getting ready for a small trip to the isle, to bring some new VKs

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Ben, Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos and a few other students were getting ready for a small trip to the isle, to bring some new VKs.

You were always really curious about the isle and really wanted to see it for yourself, not just hear half made-up stories from random students. The trip was announced a few days earlier and you were all ready to go. But there's one thing left, asking to join them.

You didn't know if they would let you come with them, since you weren't much of a friend with any of them. Your best friend did tell you to ask them, however it always slipped out of your mind.

"This is my last chance, I need to ask them now" you said to yourself. You took the backpack you prepared a few days ago with some essential things and ran outside.

"Ben!" you greeted him.

"Oh hey (Y/n)" he smiled his usual friendly smile.

"I know this is very last minute and probably not worth asking but may I join you? I mean, I know you don't really know me and it might be awkward to-" you started rambling but Ben put his hand on your shoulder.

"Of course you can come! It'd be great to have one more person with us" he interrupted you.

"Really? thank you so much!" you jumped up excited.

"Though you're definitely not going anywhere dressed like that" Evie approached you and Ben.

Before you could say anything she dragged you back inside to give you a quick makeover so you can blend in with the isle.

"I look amazing" you said admiring the outfit in the mirror "thank you!"

"It's my pleasure, now come (Y/n) we need to go."

Everyone sat in the limousine and it was time to get to the isle of The Lost.

On the way Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos explained everyone some important things about the isle, what to do and what not to do and things like that.

"How long will we stay there?" You asked.

"Three days for now, but we will come back to Auradon for the night" Ben explained.

You nodded and made yourself comfortable.You stared out the window, at the deep ocean that got darker and darker as you approached the isle. It was scary but you couldn't help but be more and more excited to finally see the isle with your own eyes.


You finally arrived and now it was time to explore the deep dark isle.

Everyone got out of the limousine. Some were terrified of the looks of the isle but Ben was telling them that there is nothing to worry about as long as they were all together.

"Just chill and go by the things we told you earlier" Evie said while touching up everyone's accessories.

"We will get in two groups and go around the isle, make sure to get a good amount of information, it will be important for the report" Ben said "Me, Mal and Evie will go visit the people we have on the new list."

"And if you get lost don't move away from your spot, or if it's possible come back to the car" Jay explained to the few Auradon students that volunteered for the trip.

You ended up in Carlos and Jay's group. They first took you all to a market place, which actually caught your attention.

It wasn't anything close to the fancy displays that you were used to back in Auradon and it made you kind of sad to see people having to struggle like this, but in time the isle's situation will only get better as Ben and his parents promised.

Looking around at every stand you got distracted by one that sold some interesting jewelry. You looked at a sign on the table that had 'TREMAINE'S' written on it with paint.

"Tremaine? No way these are made by Dizzy" you said surprised. 

Dizzy recently joined Auradon and quickly became well known for the beautiful accessories she was making.

The witch that was at the stand gave you an angry look upon hearing you.

"Sorry" you quickly said and stepped back with a crooked smile.

You turned away from the stand and found yourself alone in the market, realizing you lost your group.


This book got featured in one of the videos of  "The Things" on youtube. Which I'm beyond honored by.

Thus a lot of people came to read it, and oh Lord, I'm really sorry for the ones who have to go through the first chapters because they are so bad compared to the newest chapters.

But thank you to the ones who didn't leave the book right away and decided to give it a chance!

I'm currently working on rewriting the first chapters, as they are very poorly written.
By now I managed to rewrite from chapter 1 to 6, and i'll get to the rest as soon as I can ♥

Thank you to everyone who is reading the story and a big welcome to the new readers ♥

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