Chapter Three: Showmance

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School is always slightly boring for me, being the youngest of four. I learned most things before I was supposed to. Today was one of the rare days that I learned something new for once. Mostly how obvious is it that Rachel Berry has a crush on one Finn Hudson. This crush of Rachel's reminds me a lot of Giselle's crush on Jesse. Giselle had always thought since she was the one of the changing female 'leads' that they should date and be together when in reality Jesse wanted nothing to do with her except for when Shelby made them perform numbers together. Giselle wasn't even that good at singing, that she mostly sang with the rest of the VA girls.

Anyway being a freshman I blend in pretty well because one I didn't go to middle school in Lima, I went to the one in Carmel, two, nobody here knows me so I am pretty much invisible to everybody. The best part is I overhear majority of the conversations that happen around me. Like when people talk about happened at the celibacy meeting last night. Finn and JBI made balloons pop, if I was there I would have laughed. I find it funny that the Cheerios are in the celibacy club when every knows that they have the most sex in the school. Same for the football guys, they just attended so that they look good to the faculty eyes.

Speaking of Cheerios, the Coach Sue, wants me to join because of my gymnastics experience. She claims that with someone like me on the Cheerios we would definitely win Nationals this year again even with a shit routine. I almost joined but being a cheerio would put me in the eye of the student body, most freshmen don't make the team, only three freshmen joined last year from what I understand. They were Santana Lopez, Quinn Fabray, and Brittany Pierce, aka the Unholy Trinity. The three most popular girls in the school, the queen bs.

It was later in the week that something eventful happened, we were having an assembly, nobody knows why but the newly formed glee club would be performing, my bet is that they will sing Don't Stop Believin' again for it. Pretty soon everybody was dismissed from class early to attend the assembly, we all crowded into the gym and on the bleachers. Principal Figgins appeared on stage in front of the mic.

"Silence, children. First, an announcement. The toilets are broken again, we are fixing the problem. But let me warn you there will be a zero tolerance for anyone soiling school grounds. We're not going to have a repeat of last time." He took a breath. "We have a special treat for you guys today. Mr. Schuester."

While Mr. Schuester walked onto the stage Ms. Pillsbury was shouting. "Yeah, Glee! Glee kids hooray"

Mr. Schuester started speaking, "Uh, Hi. Uh, when I went to school here, Glee club ruled this place, and we're on our way back. But we need some recruits to join the party. Now, I could tell you all about how great Glee is, but uh, I think I'm gonna let some friends of mine show you instead." Mr. Schuester left the stage and the glee kids walked on. The music for Push It started, I already knew that this would end badly.

During the performance, they were practically dry humping. Most people were laughing, I was embarrassed for them, this would be set back for them, whether it would be getting new members or funds.

I later learned that the Unholy Trinity joined Glee club, I could see Quinn joining to be with Finn, but Santana and Brittany, unlikely. After school let out, and before my uncle showed up, I walked around the school. Rachel Berry was in the auditorium singing, Take A Bow by Rihanna, and she wasn't doing a bad job. I might have to keep an eye on her, Jesse would like to know if there was possibly somebody who could keep up with him.  

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