Chapter 14

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Note: There is explicit sex in this chapter. If that bothers you, please skip over it.


My mate was spread on the bed, half sprawled across Jaceon's lap. Her head lolled against his shoulder, her mouth opening to soft pants as he cupped her breasts in his hands and stroked gently, rubbing her nipples between his fingers. Her legs were hooked over his, allowing direct access to the sweet folds between her thighs.

"Careful," Lucas warned from the armchair four feet away. He'd refused to join us, saying that someone needed to make sure that our mate was kept safely under throughout. We could have asked Fenrir to sing to her instead of Lucas, but we were still treading lightly around each other. Lucas had already spilled over her before we started, his scent layering with hers. My head spun, associating the smell with him, with love.

"Focus, Kieran," Jace teased in a low murmur.

I slanted him a look before lowering my head and nuzzling against the softness of her inner thigh. Roses and musk and tantalizing sweetness filled my head. I had to taste, even though there was a risk the stronger pleasure would rouse her too much.

I lapped at her clit, teasing the shy little bud out from its protective hood. Sweet salt bloomed on my tongue and my fingers knotted in the sheets. How did she manage to taste of roses and almonds, even there?

Adora sighed, wriggling against my hold, and a spill of fragrant cream slipped from her. I closed my mouth over her, suckling, sliding my tongue through her folds and teasing her clit.

"Now, Kieran, she's rising," Jaceon murmured.

I rose to my knees, wiping at my mouth with the back of my hand.

Jaceon squirmed, his body undulating under hers, and I knew he was rubbing his cock against her.

"Now, Kieran."

No longer a reminder, but a demand.

I gave Jaceon a fierce grin as I notched myself to the soft entrance to our mate's body and slid in.

Ah Fates. My head snapped back and I let out a soft moan. She was so wet, so hot, like a velvet glove. And the way she rippled along my cock could drive a man mad. I slid out, until only the head of my cock remained in that delicious clasp, and then thrust back in. Fates. She was perfection.

Sharp nails dug into my forearms.


I held onto the pain, clinging to it as sparks ran up and down my spine, drawing my balls up and coiling at the base of my cock.

In. Out.

The liquid sounds of fucking spread through the room and drove my lust higher. Every slide of my body against hers resulted in those unmistakable wet sounds, that of a female well pleasured, a mate who slickened for her male's cock, who clasped so tight around him that cream was forced out around her folds with every thrust.

Jaceon's breaths quickened and turned ragged. He was close.

I opened my eyes. Desire rode him hard, until only the thinnest ring of sea-blue remained around lust-blown pupils.

There was something missing despite the way heat spiraled around us. I needed more. Something deeper.

My lover's hand closed around my nape and dragged me closer, angling forward as his mouth crashed down on mine.

Yes. This. I needed that connection, but kissing our mate was off limits.

His tongue slid against mine, mimicking the motions of our bodies. He panted against my mouth as I thrust, each helpless sound driving me higher. Darkness pressed in around the edges of my vision even as sparks lit in my mind.

Orgasm roared through me like a hurricane, ripping away all shields and defenses.

Her sweet cunt pulled at me, milking my seed. Each ripple drew an answering surge, the pleasure so sharp it verged on pain.

"Fates below," Jace muttered, the words rough with disbelief.

Sitting back on my haunches, my cock slid from her with an obscenely wet sound.

Jace moaned at the sound and my cock twitched.

Her folds were a deep pink now, her pussy swollen from my cock. Cream filled her folds and I bent my head.

"No. Leave it," Lucas said.

I jolted. That's right. We were supposed to rub our seed into her so that the magic could seep into her skin.

Jace's hand cupped her, long fingers trailing through her slick folds, collecting the thick white cream of our joint pleasure and rubbing it into her belly. Again and again. She whimpered every time he stroked past her clit, a sweetly helpless sound of need.

My cock twitched again, but refused to rise.

"Mother Night, but I can't," Lucas muttered.

"Yeah, I'm done after this," Jace admitted.

"Then stop teasing her," I snapped.

"Or do you mean stop teasing you?" Jace snapped back.


We subsided at Lucas' order. Jace finished quickly, careful not to tease her, and then slid from the bed.

Lucas scooped her up, and walked toward the nest.

I spread out her coverlet so he could tuck her in.

Adora settled into a deeper sleep as soon as we hooked the chain to her anklet.

"How much longer, do you think?" Jace asked. "I can't take much more of this."

Nor could I. There was something very wrong about only having had sex with your unconscious mate. Even though my mind knew that she had given her permission, that she needed it to keep the babe safe, it still unsettled me.

"Soon. She's rising more and more with every Gifting, which means that she's getting what she needs and soon her body will be too restless to remain Asleep."

"According to her notes," Jace muttered.

"We have to trust her," I said softly, gripping his shoulder.

His sea-blue eyes were stark. "It's not her. It's the Fates I don't trust."

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