CHP. 05 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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After they came out of Duan Rong, they took a seat in a private room at the Zui Xianju restaurant, the table was filled with the fragrance of food, Su Tang has not yet recovered from what Ling Si has previously stated.

"He's delicate, cherished." Su Tang replayed the words repeatedly in his mind, in his heart he genuinely felt Ling Si's voice is pleasant to hear, clear like spring water, along with wearing a smile, similar to roasting a chicken to eat.

Pēi pēi pēi, what metaphor is this. Su Tang quickly shook his head, only to discover in front him there are neatly placed dishes of chicken, braised, steamed and stuffed ones covered in sauce, his eyes lit up, his little sense of self was blown clean away by the chickens fragrance.

"Wow, very good, there's so many of my favorite dishes." Su Tang's eyes curved up, he rubbed his hands together, he didn't know which one to eat first.

"Break of a chicken leg first?" Ling Si asked.

"N ń ń!" Su Tang nodded.

( Note: ń ń = uh huh)

Chicken legs freshly baked, topped with a shiny layer of sweet-scented osmanthus honey, the aroma of the sweet-scented osmanthus mixed with the fragrant smell of the chicken, the taste of grease was nowhere to be found, Su Tang opened his small mouth and took a bite, the skin is crisp, the honey tastes sweet, taking a bite makes one want to take a second bite.  

"Delicious, delicious!" Su Tang's mouth was filled with meat, as a result his words came out vague, but this small appearance is particularly lovely, looking at this, Ling Si's heart felt like it's eating honey.

( Note: heart eating honey = heart felt sweet/ full?)

"Eat slowly, this table is for you." Ling Si gave him a cup of tea, he smiled at Su Tang's eating appearance.

Su Tang focused on eating, elatedly eating. System watched from the side, and finally couldn't help but say: "did you forget your tasks?"

"What task?" Su Tang ambiguously asked.

"You're really infuriating me!" If the system had grown hands, it will certainly wrestle the chicken leg from Su Tang, then severely strike him on the head whilst cursing, however he doesn't have a physical entity, it can only curb it's anger: "the female protagonist, Lord! Did you forget about the female protagonist, you can't find the female protagonist, at the very least you should mention her, let the male protagonist have a good impression of her!"

"Áo'áo áo, right, if you didn't say it I would have forgotten it." Su Tang immediately awakened from the food, he felt he could not ignore ones own tasks anymore.

( Note: áo áo áo = oh oh oh)

He ruthlessly bit on his chicken legs, and said to Ling Si: "I tell you, I enjoy eating chicken legs, my elder sister also loves to eat it, and she can really eat, once she faced me and ate ten chickens in one breath."

With that, Su Tang also turned to the system to take credit for his meritorious  achievement: "how was it, I exaggerated pretty well?"

System: "......"

Su Tang wanted to continue talking to Ling Si about his sister's accomplishments, system finally can't bear it any longer, and spoke once again: "do you think, girls knowing how to eat, is a worthwhile thing to showcase?"

Su Tang half understood, eventually he had to whisper: "what my sister doesn't enjoy eating, I can eat."

Ling Si was amused by him, he grabbed the braised chicken wings dish and pushed it in front of Su Tang, and said: "okay, okay, no one is fighting with you."

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