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Uhhh for those who want to know the upcoming scenarios.

I have around 10 scenario drafts but I haven't had time to finish them.

Here is a list of the upcoming scenarios to be published:
(I'll try doing it in order)

'When you see them shower'

'Happy B'day Sosuke Sagaya'

'When you're an anime character'

'When they become kids'

'When you cheat on them'

'When they forgive you'
(Part 2 of cheating on them)

'When you swap genders'
(Uhhh most of my readers are females.... so yea....)

'When you're an AI (Bye Ritsu)'

'When you play the pun game'

'Assassination Classroom on Crack'

I'm not satisifed at my work. I feel like I write low qualt sh*t.

Uhhh if you want some good OneShots of HQ and AssClass check out my DevianArt. It's more 'relaxed' writing.

Username: variietyartiist

I'm sorry for my lame humor and me not taking this serious. I never expected 2.9K reads so BWAHAGAGA.

I'll try and improve


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