True or False? [Karma Akabane & Nagisa Shiota]

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Karma x Nagisa

[Sorry, Reader you're not in this]


Based on a few head canons from other fandoms and yea.... We have a random oneshot.


Brain: Are you ready?

Karma: What?

Brain: Don't look at Nagisa's thighs

Karma: nANI wHA-?!

Brain: sURpRIsE YOU'rE GaY

Karma: Holy shi-

The male looked up at Nagisa was currently having a conversation with Kayano. It was just a small talk but Karma felt very jealous, he didn't know why. He shouldn't feel jealous after all Nagisa was his best friend.

Looking around he saw his classmates, Maehara chatting happily with Isogai. However, he did not feel anything like he felt towards Nagisa. Something was strange, turning his attention away from the matter, he went back playing is game.

"Karma are you going to see the fireworks tonight?"

"Oh yea the fire works!" Isogai pipped up as he remembered the occasion.

"Mhmmm, aren't you going with Kayano?" Karma replied bluntly as he continued to game.

"Ah... I want to go with you," Nagisa's face was red as he asked Karma.

"Okay then..." Karma replied unsure.

He really wanted to go watch the fireworks with just him and Nagisa. His heart bet faster at the thought of him and Nagisa. What were these unusual feelings towards the bluenette?

"I'll meet you at (Shrine name) which is near the mountain," Nagisa smiled before heading to his seat.

"Isogai, please please can we go together as a date?!" Maehara whined as he begged Isogai. Believe it or not Isogai and Maehara were dating. It was a shock to the class but everybody accepted.

After all 3E, accepted anybody even their octopus teacher!


Walking down the mountain, the sun slowly set. The class had stayed after school to fix up the school as the roof was leaking. It was 6:00PM and there was 1 more hour till the event started.

Thinking about Nagisa again. The red head blushed at the thought. Could he have feelings for him?

Walking home Karma thought about what he was going to wear. Arriving home it was now 6:30PM did he actually take 30 minutes to walk? Walking into his room his checked his wardrobe.

He put on a long sleeve and some pants. Grabbing a red coat with a stripe scarf. The male walked towards the bathroom mirror, checking himself out. Posing in front of the mirror as he gave his signature smirk.

[Refer to the image up above at the start]

He was now ready, walking out of the apartment a gust of wind blew him. He shivered in response as he walked down the stairs, careful not to slip. Catching the train he arrived at the shrine soon after, greeted with a happy Nagisa.

Karma blushed his face was as red as his hair. Nagisa, waved friendly which made him tense up. Running towards Nagisa he pulled him by the arm, walking up mountain.

"Karma, you're going too fast!" Nagisa wailed as he was dragged up the stairs of the mountain.

"We haven't gotten time for the fireworks, they won't wait for us." Karma grunted.

"Karma, Nagisa you arrived?" Isogai was running with Maehara beside him. Behind them a couple stairs down was the whole of class 3E.

"Yea, we're going to go find good spots! See ya," Nagisa waved back.

Karma continued to hold Nagisa by the arm, feeeling frustrated at his feelings. Arriving at the top, he went to and area that had not much people. Leaning against the railing as they waited for the fireworks. It was awkward and silent.



"I really lik-"

The bluenette was cut off by the noise of fireworks crackling, bright colours flying in the air as it lit up the sky. It was truly a beautiful sight.

The firework display continued to light up the sky in a variety of different colours. It was a beautiful and breath taking scene. The show ended after a couple of minutes, although it was short it was quite fun.

"I really enjoyed that Karma..." Nagisa smiled as he shivered from the cold.

"Do you want my jacket?" Karma blurted, he was embarrassed. 


Karma not knowing what he was doing, by instinct he took off his read jacket and gave it to Nagisa. Placing it over his shoulders.

Few meters away was Isogai and Maehara laughing.

"Isogai, want my jacket you cold?"

"No, aren't you just copying them?"

Maehara handed the jacket to Isogai, "taKE My JACKET, KEEP IT TAKE MY SOUL AND MY LIF-"

"Thank you for today, Karma." Nagisa chuckled softly.

"Y-Your welcome..." Karma stuttered.

The class who was currently hiding sighed. They knew that Nagisa and Karma had feelings but were too shy to admit it. Koro~sensei, the 'master of ships,' grabbed out his megaphone.

"OI YOU TWO SHOULD GET TOGETHER!!" yelled the moon.


I've got a writer's block so exCUSE mE.

(Feel free to request)

- Kuuro


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