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After cleaning and getting into fresh clothes, eating the fruits present in the room, to get some energy, I made my way outside again but this time with clear intention to go straight to Xander as I have some unsettled issues with him. Again making my way to the Grand hall, I immediately noticed the figure standing in the middle of the room, power and fear radiating from him into waves, making everybody present in the hall, shiver. I however made my way towards him with my nose high up in the air and shoulders squared. Eyes shifting to me, they widened but turning a blind eye to them I approached Xander. Tapping on his shoulder, his whole body went rigid for once, but turning around and facing me, his body relaxed but still in a stiff posture.

Noticing the number of people in the hall, I avoided being rude. Not for Xander but for myself. I don't want my father to feel ashamed of me. He had taught me to be good in every situation and being rude in front of all the people will only ruin my and my father's reputation as I figure that not a lot of people know about his behaviour with me, so it will seem that I am just rude, which I don't want.

"Some unsettled issues are still there to be noticed and worked upon, so kindly if you will excuse yourself so we can discuss about the issues, as I do not have much time..." I spoke with my voice booming through the hall, getting to the ears of every soul present there but I added a whisper within my brave words, "...And patience"

Not giving anything, no trace of emotion leaving his face, I moved forward and said which I intended to, grabbing the left courage within me.

"I am Princess Anastasia Steford Knights, Daughter of King Haze Knights" I said to everyone present in the room while giving them a polite smile. Everyone, probably elites, judging from their dressing, smiled in return. But some holed back themselves.

"You all are excused" Xander's voice boomed through the halls as waves of authority filled the room. I have never seen him with any other person than William, so I never knew that he hold such authority and intimation towards the people that also hold statuses, maybe not as big as his.

Every one scurried away from the room, leaving me and Xander alone, he faced me, while anger showed in his eyes, "Can't you not wait, till I was free?" He snarled. But not surprising me with his statements and actions anymore, I simply stated, "No" He sighed and again this black orbs, like stone, turned into pools of black. It now doesn't faze me a bit. I know his ways and I know how to deal with them. I am not going to get my feelings in between all of this.

For my father. I repeated this mantra over and over again within my mind.

"You said you will make amends, get everything into it's right position, it's time to prove it, it's time to release my father." I said with determination swirling within my eyes, a mixture of brown and green, something I took from my father.
I hugged my father as tightly as I could, I didn't even shed a tear as I watched him, barely alive, clothes rotten while looking so weak, as not eaten from weeks. He stroked my hair weakly while mumbling gat how much he missed me, I stayed in his embrace for a while but then grabbed his one one arm, I putted it on my shoulder while the soldier putted his other arm on his shoulder, together we lifted him and got him out of the dungeon as he was this weak that he couldn't even walk straight. Opening the first room that I saw, I laid my father on to the bed, while he coughed. Soldier, whose name I don't know left the room while getting a signal from me.

"Father rest, its time for you to rest a little"

I said while stroking his cheeks. As I turned around to get out of the room, he grabbed my arm, turning around I again faced him with confusion written on my face.

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