23 ways to make him smile (:

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23 Ways on How to Make Him Smile

<For always being there. Dedicated to that guy that loves and accepts me in my every shape and form.>

1. Keep sending him a message but not an oh-hell-my-mother-texted-me-again message. Every guy wants a message from a girl—a sweet one.

2. Give him your reply. Whatever mode of communication—text, chat, email, and the like—just reply. They hate rejection, and “no reply” is a form of rejection.

3. Give him your favorite food. The saying says “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”—that’s the truth!

4. Be thankful when he gives you something. Whatever it is, always say thank you, or  just act like you really like the stuff he gave you; because it is always valuable on him, and being appreciated keeps him madly in love.

5. When he's playing, play with him, but if you really can’t, just watch him. Whatever game he's playing, disturbance is a real no-no, but playing with his girl is a yes-yes, and most of all—being watched by his girl while he plays is like playing like a champion!

6. When he makes you feel jealous, just be a little bit jealous, ok? Sometimes a trick like this is kinda sweet.

7. Listen when he talks. Some guys talk too much, while some talk less, but whichever—he needs to be heard, so don’t talk while he talk. Because knowing you’re listening is very exhilarating.

8. Eat with him. Eating is one of his sports, and in every sport, a girl’s support is such a gift!

9. When he is with his guy friends, don’t play a role. His guy friends are different from his girl friends, and actually different from you, so if you’ll tell him you’re OK, and you understand their bond, then you’re fine.

10. When he is with his girl friends, act just like one of them. He, your boyfriend, is the one responsible to make you feel extra special with them, so don’t act like a princess, he’ll make you feel that way, anyway.

11. Stop talking when he's watching TV/movie. Save your speech during the break.

12. When you asked him if you’re fat, or if you’re too thin, or any stuff like that, and he says no—just believe him, OK? He is not a liar, especially when it comes to looks.

13. Mess up his lips with your lips, not his hair with your hands. He adores your hair, just like he adores your lips.

14. If he is not in the mood, let him lean on your shoulder or just hug him. Just like you, he wants to be taken care of—to be pampered, in other words.

15. Tell him your story of the day. He wants you to trust him with everything.

16. Give him compliments. Any gender, I think, wants to receive compliments, right?

17. Give him a massage.  Any massage on whatever part of his body is so worthy for him.

18. Sing to/with him. If you have a good voice, that’s good. If you’re out of tune, that’s better!

19. Try your best to look good when you’re in public. He wants the world to see that he’s holding the hand of the most beautiful girl in the world.

20. Give extra effort for him once in a while—like surprising him with a token, a gift, or anything alike. Guys are expected to do that, but it takes a real magic on him knowing he is remembered by his girlfriend.

21. Befriend his families and friends. Knowing you have a close bond with his families and friends is a grand prize for him.

22. Say I love you. “I love you too” is different from “I love you”, if you know what I mean.

23. Just smile. Your smile, although it may sound cliché, is one of the best ways to make him smile.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on guys and relationships. (:

I don’t speak on every girl’s or guy’s point of view. I write based on what I know and what I feel and how I carry out my relationship.

♥I repeat, this is for that guy that makes my heart beat triple, no, quadruple times. I don’t know if we’re for keeps but know that I’m always here for you! Oh. And my heart says: I LOVE YOU (:


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