Part 16 (3)

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Lauren: Georgie I have an update!
Georgie: OMG!
Lauren: Megans just texted me.
Georgie: What's she said?
Lauren: It's her, and she wants to call me.
Georgie: I don't trust it.
Lauren: Idc. I'm calling. Maybe it could give us answers.
Georgie: OK text me when you've finished the call 😊
~10 mins later~
Georgie: You done?
Lauren: Yep.
Georgie: What did she say?
Lauren: It was her. She said she was trapped with something very demon-like. And there are others too. Georgie think. Who else wasn't at school today?
Georgie: Chloe wasn't.
Lauren: Yeah that was odd. She hasn't told anyone that she was ill or on holiday.
Georgie: Elizabeth! She wasn't either!
Lauren: Oh yeah.
Georgie: She never responded to my text asking her if she was alright.
Lauren: Who else?
Georgie: Ashton.
Lauren: And Kyle! Jacob was so confused. They're never off.
Georgie: So that's Chloe, Elizabeth, Ashton, Kyle and of course Megan. How many did she say?
Lauren: 7. She said there were around about 7 other children. They all said they were Y8s at our school, but couldn't remember their names. They were being brainwashed. Megan hadn't been yet.
Georgie: So we've got to think of three more?
Lauren: Yes. Was Louise at school?
Georgie: No! She was going to walk with me today and never did. 😕
Lauren: That's five. What about the last two?
Georgie: Hmm...
Lauren: Anyone in your tutor?
Georgie: AH
Lauren: What?
Georgie: Taylor.
Lauren: Who's he?
Georgie: A popular in my tutor. He wasn't here and no one knew where he was.
Georgie: That's the sixth I think.
Georgie: Who?
Lauren: Greyson.
Georgie: Of course!
Lauren: Now we've done that, we just need to figure out where they are and how to save them before it all gets worse.

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