He looked at the time and then his eyes widen. We were about to leave when they called the band again.

We looked at each other then went up the stage again. Next to the host was someone else.

"Hi my name is Jeffery but you could call me Jeff. I'm the manager for the Red Hot record label."




"Hi Jeff. I'm Jett the is Ace, Rosy, Cameron, and Teresa. How can we help you?" Jett asked calmly.

How can he be so calm?!

"You see Jett. I came here because we were looking for something and I think I found it. I Loved your performances and how well you collaborate with each other. You all put so much effort and emotion and the crowd also loves you. So Red Hot would like to sign you up in a record deal. What do you say?" asked Jeff making us all excited.

"You serious?" asked Ace.

"Yes would you like to think it over or..."

"NO, No. We would love that." Jett cut him off.

"Ok so here's my card. Call to make your appointment." he gave Jett his card.

But then I realized something and said, "Wait. Jeff well um... I'm not in the band I was just a temporary thing." I told him.

"Well... I guess we would have to figure this out because I really do like how you play." he told me his expression a bit disappointed.

"Actually Rosy, the band and me decided that we want you in. Only if you want of course." Said Ace.

My eyes teared up a little because I really did want to do this but I felt a if I was breaking my promise to my mother.

But then as if she was with me I felt warmth on my body and so calm. As is she was telling me to do it.

I looked at them grinning and said, "I would love too."

Everyone started to clapping and we got all excited. I was actually in a band who just got a record label.


"Come on people to your places. Aurora are you ready for your solo." asked Ms. Privot adjusting my corset.

"Yes ma'am." I told her.

"Ok next scene is on and ten seconds. Good luck sweetie." she said and scurried out.

We were in the scene were Aurora is going to meet the prince. I had on a green long dress that had a black corset. My brown curls were held back but ran loosely down my back and I had heavy stage make up so with the lights you could still see my features. This is the first time I would dance alone and second time I would preform a scene. So I'm a bit nervous.

I heard the soft melody start playing and waltz out the wings into the set up stage. A couple minutes later I was leaping across the stage and came into a halt when the shadow of a man came into view.

It was Jett wearing on of those suits that hugged his every muscle. His wild hair was combed back and into a superman style and he looked at me intently. He held out his hand and I shied away a little since it's part of my role.

He then  circled my waist and we soon started our duet.

An hour and a half later we finally were in the last scene and I was laying on bed with rose petals surrounding me. I felt the soft whispers of Jett's lips and my eyes fluttered open. He pulled me up and we started the final duet of the recital.


We both were wearing matching costumes. Mine was a tutu dress. It was white and gold with a very intricate design to it. Jett was exactly like mine but for men. My hair was in an elegant up-do with a crown attached.

We kept dancing until we go to the scene where we got married. the last and final scene. The "priest" was there, so were the kings and queens with the fairies. We all danced until it was time were they gave us the final spotlight and danced that duet we practiced so many times. I put in all my love and he put in his as he lifted me up twirled me around and brought me back down staring into my eyes with the final kiss as he sealed the recital. The curtains closed and I could faintly hear the crowd still cheering for us but I didin't care because his lips were still on mine kissing me with so much love.

This is were I knew for sure the, I had Leaped into the bad boy's heart.


Awwwwwwe. this is the last chapter before and then is the epilogue. Tell me if you like it pretty pretty please with a cherry on top.

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