Mystic Messenger: Another Story (aka SAERAN DESERVED BETTER)

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Spoilers are going to be immensely evident so I highly suggest playing it for yourselves. (Then again, 300 HG. Hmmmm....)

This route is placed two years before the original plot of the game, so essentially this route is an alternate timeline and all of the characters are slightly younger than their older counterparts from the original plot.

So basically:

Yoosung: 20 ↠ 18
Zen: 23 ↠ 21
Jaehee: 26 ↠ 24
Jumin: 26 ↠ 24
Saeyoung and Saeran: 21 ↠ 19
V: 27 ↠ 25

(I'd assume that Rika is the same age as V or Jaehee :/)

Okay, so here are the pros and cons of the route:


- V being a fleshed out character
- Rika being a more fleshed out character and not just a lame ass one dimensional antagonist; there are many factors that made her this way and her choices are one of them in addition to the environment she grew up in
- (Honestly fuck you Rika why did you have to corrupt such a kind soul)
- V realizing his flaws and genuinely tries to become better
- V realizing just how toxic his relationship with Rika was
- Development for Yoosung in terms his relationship with Rika and how he comes to terms about the fact that she's not the person he used to know and that she needs help
- V coming to loving himself
- V's mother. Her parts were so heartbreaking and I honestly cried in some of these scene
- Baby Jumin and V and their stories from their childhood. Always a highlight.
- The chat with Vanderwood. After so much angst, there's finally some much needed comedy in this route lmao


- Saeran's death was completely unnecessary. There were a million ways that could've gone (aka telling Saeyoung the truth and actually saving Saeran when the MC couldn't). (I will go into more detail after this.)
- Yoosung's comment about Rika attacking V's eyes. Honestly what the fuck, Yoosung? Like I get that you're 18 and emotionally vulnerable, but did your distrust in V seriously warrant that comment?!
- There are some pacing problems but honestly in the context of the route, they don't matter too much
- Some of the dialogue doesn't work all that well (but its Cheritz, honestly, cheesy should be their middle name)
- V not telling Seven the truth about Saeran when he had TWO OPENINGS TO TELL HIM EVERTHING

Honestly, I'm still really happy about the development Rika got because it's not just the choices she made that got her here. It was also the unloving environment she grew up in.

Let me make this clear: I'M NOT BLAMING EVERYTHING ON CIRCUMSTANCE, NOR AM I CONDONING HER ACTIONS. That would be silly because Rika's decision to create Mint Eye and everything else that she did after that was completely her own. How she grew up however, was completely out of her control.

By the end of the route, Rika advising me was kind of heartbreaking.

By that, I mean:

By that, I mean:

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