Jack Dylan Grazer. (Request).

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I couldn't bare to get up

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I couldn't bare to get up. To move around. To do anything but grieve. My boyfriend of a lengthily two years, Jaeden Lieberher broke up with me, something I had never would imagine happening. I thought he was the one. The one that would hold me at night, the one that would come home and kiss me every single day. The one...to love me.

I'd been texting my best friend Jack the entire time after Jaeden did it. Jack was appalled.

Jack: You still doing okay? It's been ten minutes since you put your phone down😔

Merinda: No, no I'm not😫 I don't think I've ever felt so cruddy in my entire life Jack😭

Jack: Hold that thought for fifteen minutes!!!

Merinda: Trust me, it's not going anywhere...

It had been closer to half an hour before a slight knock sounded at my door.  I were really hoping that it wouldn't be my mom, you know, I didn't want all that consolidation from her. 
You opened the door, only to find the one and only, Jack. 

"Hey, I uh, I didn't think you should be alone, and I wanted to talk to you."  He had a wide grin on his face, and a bag of food in his hand.  His little hand. 

"You're really nice Jack, thanks."  I said, smiling back at him.  At least I was trying to. 

Jack and I walked back into my house, and went into my living room.  My parents weren't home, and I was hoping it'd stay that way.  I mean, I always sort of liked Jack, but I was with Jaeden and Jaeden made me happy.  I loved Jaeden. 

"Thanks for coming by, I mean it sincerely. It means a lot to me, especially from you."  Immediately after I said that, Jack's face lit up happily.  I realized I'd said way too much.  "I uh, I uh."  I muttered. 

"Merinda, I don't know about you, but I like you, like a lot more than that, I love you. I never said anything because you had Jaeden, and I didn't want to say anything at all, because I thought y'know, it'd seem too weird, but I can't bare to hold it in any longer. It's killing me."  His cheeks were rosy red, and I knew he was nervous. 

"I really like you too, and I never said anything for the same reasons."  I was smiling brighter than I ever had been. My cheeks hurt from it. 

Before I could say anything else, Jack's soft lips were on mine, and I never wanted the moment to end.  It was perfect, and I wasn't thinking about anything else.

"I love you Merinda."  Jack smiled.

"I love you too."  


This was a request from Merinda, obviously.
I was about to do one for myself, like with no request, but then she requested one, so thank you;))))

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