Just a Little Spice (Doyoung)

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It was a chilly Friday night, and you walked alongside your boyfriend.  Your shawl was doing you no favors, and your heels bit at the back of your feet, blood escaping the bandages you had secured over your ankle.  But you were passionate about attending Doyoung's company dinners. He was the director of his company, after all, and you looked forward to seeing him with his hair gelled up and slicked back, his thin frame tucked neatly into a designer suit.  It was worth the callouses on your feet from the heels you still weren't used to walking in.

Without a word, you felt something loosely draped over your shoulders and noticed Doyoung's suit jacket around you, blocking out the cold.  

"Doyoungie, you didn't have to.  Now you'll be cold," you whined, trying to give it back to him, but he quickly leaned forward and pecked your lips, cutting you off.

"That's enough to keep me warm, honey.  Let's hurry up and get in the building.  It's right here."  He ushered you into the building, momentarily brushing his hand against yours before you handed him back his jacket.  

"You look so handsome," you sighed, tracing a finger along his arm, slowly.  "You always look handsome, but you're so confident and put together for these meetings.  It's kinda hot."  You weren't even startled by the fact that you had accidentally blurted that out.  It was true, and you were really feeling it.  

You were about to open the door and walk into the conference room, but Doyoung quickly grabbed your wrist, twirling you around the corner where you found yourself pinned against the wall.  "Doyoun-"

"You know what you're doing, don't you?  When you say those things, it makes my heart pound for you," Doyoung lowered his voice three octaves before sloppily placing his lips on yours.  "Have you ever comprehended how stunning you are in the dresses you wear to these outings?  Makes me want to ditch dinner and stay in," and you smiled, nuzzling your head in the crook of his neck.

"Baby, we can't ditch.  This is important for you.  You're the director."

Doyoung smiled.  "That's why I love you so much.  Let's go."

"You might want to visit the restroom first.  I think you're wearing some of my lipstick," you smirked, and Doyoung blushed a shade deeper than your lipstick before hurrying to the restroom around the next bend in the hallway.  You, on the other hand, waited for him patiently, but you blushed, thinking about earlier.  Doyoung was usually just a brainiac who thought things out and only showed sweet gestures.  But him pulling you into the other hallway hadn't felt all that bad.  In fact, you wanted to continue where you two had left off.  

At dinner, you two sat side-by-side, as usual.  The employees jovially discussed matters while you nodded, pretending as if you understood, as usual.  Doyoung looked over at you, slipping his hand under the table and intertwining his hand in yours.  You shot him a warning glance because the last thing you wanted was for him to get in trouble for stupid skinship.  That'd actually be kinda funny now that you thought about it.  You slowly scooted your chair away from his, but he only coughed and moved closer.  Was he trying to get himself into trouble?

"Is everything alright, Y/N?" one of the employees asked, and you nodded slowly.  "Your face suddenly became very red."

Doyoung tried to hide his smile, but he wasn't doing too good of a job.  You bit your lip, trying to form a reasonable response.  "The food is just a tad spicy for my liking," you explained politely.  "My face gets red when I eat spicy food."

Doyoung almost rolled his eyes at your ridiculous answer.  After he had enough of you trying to hold it together and play it cool, he stood up, clearing his throat, and all the table stopped to stare at him.  "You all have worked very hard, and this dinner was put into place to remind you to keep up the good work.  Unfortunately, I have some other engagements I have to attend to.  Please enjoy the meal," he launched into a ninety-degree bow.

You quickly followed him out the door and into the car where the tension seemed to grow even higher.  Both of you were more than eager to get home, and when you did, Doyoung immediately had you up against the wall once more.  

"Where were we?" he asked, his lips right against your ear, and you tried to control your expression, maintaining the best poker face you could.  "Ah right.  We were here."  Doyoung quickly pressed his lips onto your neck, sucking small marks down until he hit your collarbone.  "You don't understand half of what you make me feel every time you smile.  I want to stand by you forever.  I want to feel that forever."

"Me too," you replied.  "I can't understand how you fell for me and eventually asked me to date you.  I honestly can't, but now I realize we fit together so well.  BUT WHAT WAS THAT BACK THERE AT THE DINNER?!"

Doyoung led you to the sofa, pulling a fluffy blanket over the two of you.  "I just couldn't hold back how much I love you, honey.  I didn't mean to make you that flustered, but you're so cute.  It was really spicy, huh?  I guess your face does turn red when it gets spicy.  In all the ways~"


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