Chapter 26

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Avery's POV

I later woke up still somewhat in shock that Chica had accepted on going out with me tonight. I had never expected her to say yes still. I had thought that she would accept the fact that she no longer had to keep her end of the deal last night and yet..'I have to keep all of this quite from the nightmares. I have to stay quite and continue to act my part in this play. If they find out I strayed from the role, they will surly kill me and have my blood in a bottle as a prize. They well take matters in their own hands and I don't want that. I make matters easier by doing this. I play as their pawn, their willing puppet in order to get what they want done. I must kill my target and avoid the others.' I thought as I sigh. 'But I also want to not play my role now that Chica plays a more important part than thought. I had hoped she would be indifferet like Foxy and all I had to deal with was Goldie but no, that girl had to prove me wrong and show me that she is a worthy oppenent, one I must protect the most from him.' I growled at the thought as I looked to my clock. It read 2:30PM.

I got up and ate a late lunch as I call up the resturant to make resurvations for me and Chica. "Hi, My name is Avery Summit. I would like to make reservations for let's say 6:30, table for two." I waited for a moment to the preson the other end of the phone to respond. "Really? Great thank you. I look forward to it. Goodbye." I hang up the phone as I heard someone coming into the kitchen. I turn and see a beautiful middle aged woman about 5'7" in height with blue eyes and long black hair. "Hey mom. How are you?" I asked her as she made a cup of coffee. "I'm good sweetie. How are you with work? And who were you on the phone with?" she asked. "I'm been good with work mom. As to who I was on the phone with...will I have a date this evening with a co-worker, that I uh taken a liking to so I just finish making reservations at a resturant." I said while blushing. My mom smiles at me, "Oh my sweet baby girl is growning up. What's her name, what she like?" My mom fired off questions and I answered them while lying a bit here and there.

I never really did like lying to my mom but what the hell are you supposed to tell a woman who rasied you after your own father died while you were young? Plus she would freak out if she found out the truth about me such as I can turn into killer animatronics and been playing a dangerous game that may end with me killed like him. So I lie to her to avoid upsetting her. "Oh dear your father would be so proud to hear his little girl is dating. Of course he would be over protective about who the person may try to steal you away despite how good they are." my mom said with a sigh. "If only. My little girl. Oh Avery how is your arm?" She asked as she took off my fake arm. "It's good mom. It only missed up once this week but its fine. I asure you it is. You know that I know how to fix that arm of mine." I said playfully as I took my arm back and placed it back. My mom laughed, "You're right. Anyway let's get going." "Going? Going where?" I asked as my mom grabbed her purse and car keys. "To get you dolled up for you date. Come along Ken, let's get you set up for your Barbie." she said causing me to laugh. "Alright Mrs. Handler, I'm coming. Just let me get ready." I said as the both of us laughed while I grabbed my wallet, and put on my shoes. We left, locked up the house, then went to the local suit and dress shop.

"Alright. So what are we going for today?" said the tailor. "I want my child here to look extra handsome for her date tonight. By the way what about work?" my asked me. "I still have work but it ain't until midnight, you know that." I replied. "Hm...she already looks good enough. But I think I have a very nice suit in stock that will work. Hold on." the tailor said as she walked away to get said suit. "You sure about buying me a suit mom?" I asked her as she was looking through nearby dresses. She turns to me and smiles. "Yes dear. Might as well just in case any specieal events pop up, like in the far or possable future of a you know." My mom said as I playfully roll my eyes. The tailor came back with a large bag with the suit inside. "Try this on and see how it feels." she instucts me and I head to the back where the changing rooms are.

Chica's POV

It was about 3:15 when I arrived to the town's local suit and dress store. I was allowed to leave the pizzeria at this time because I told Bill about my date with Avery and he was excited to hear that. I think it is because he thought it was all of us getting along. Goldie never told him about what Avery did to him and I can guess why. He wants his books back and the only way to find out is through Avery who needs to stay working there. I went inside to look for a dress when I came across a woman with black hair and blue eyes. I was shocked by the features of the woman, she reminded me of someone I knew. Curiousty got me and I walked up to her. "Excuse me miss?" she turned to me and smiled. That smile. It reminded me of Avery. "Yes? And before you go asking I don't work here." she said. "No uh I was not looking for help but well I don't know how to put it but you remind me of someone. Are you related to someone named Avery?" I asked her and she looks at me shocked before smiling again. "Oh of course I know Avery. She is my daughter. Oh and now that I really look at you. Are you the girl Susie that she is taking out on a date this evening?" she asked me and I was even more shocked. This woman was Avery's mom, she almost looked like she could be her sister.

"Oh it's nice to meet you. Avery has told me so much. Smart, beautiful, funny, sweet, kind, all the sorts. I swear I never seen my little girl gush so much over someone. She has her friends but can be a bit of a loner. When she said she had a date I just got excited. Oh her father would be proud to hear this if he were here. He died shortly after Avery lost her arm, after he brought home these pluse toys of the animatronics." she looks at me fondly. "You seem to have brought out a certain light in her. My Avery is a good girl and she may not know it but I know of the pizzeria and other animatronics. So in turn I know you Chica." she said in a low voice enough for only me to here. "I know this because she left her magic book out in the open by mistake one day and had notes about everyone. I put two and two together but please. What ever my daughter and the nightmare's plan, don't hold it against her. She is being played. She knows she is a puppet to them but to what extent? Please look out for Avery. She is a good girl with the wrong people." She said to me sadly, which broke my heart.

I had a feelining that it was all an act but like this? "Don't worry Ms. Summit. I well look out for Avery as best as I can. I have had a feeling that all that Avery does is not of her will. I know she doesn't want to be the bad guy which is why she is saying she needs a very good reason to make a move against us." I said to her before she places a hand on my shoulder. "Thank you for believeing that feeling. By the way Summit?" she asked me which got me confused. "Yes. Summit. That's your and Avery's last name. Its the name we have on file." I replyed and she looks at me confused yet sadly. "Oh dear. Summit is not our last name. It's-" "Hey mom." we heard Avery call out as she came from the back area. I look at her and immediately I felt a blush on my face when I saw her. I knew Avery had good looks but coupled with a suit made the fact more proven. She wore a black pin striped suit with a blood red shirt. 'How fitting for her and her fake character at the pizzeria.' I thought as she came over.

"Oh Susie. I uh wasn't expecting to see you here. Uh oh I uh made the reservation at the resturant. It's at 6:30 so we are good to go when I pick you up later." she said with a slight blush on her face. "Alright. As to why I'm here, I'm here to get a dress for our evening together. I must say I am looking forward to it." I said to her, making her blush a bit more. "Looking forward to it as well." she almost sqeaked out. "Alright Avery enough flirting how does the suit feel?" her mom asked causing both of to turn to her. I almost forgot she was here. "It feels fine mom." "Hmmm...Susie what do you think of the suit. I think it looks good but I'm looking for the girl, looking to be impressed by it, opion." she said as I look over Avery. She shifted slightly from foot to foot under my gaze before I turned to her mother. "I think she looks absolutly handsome in that suit Ms?" "Call me Joann" "Joann." I said as she smiles. "Well it looks like we have our winner. Avery you can go change while I go pay for it. It was nice meeting you Susie" "You as well Joann." I said to her as she left.

"Well like my mom said, I have to go change, see you later at the pizzeria when I pick you up?" Avery asked me and I nodded my head. "Alright. See ya later." she said before leaning over and kissing my cheek before leaving to change. I stood there shocked before the tailor came over to help me find a dress for the evening. As both Avery and her mother left I thought to myself, 'Avery Summit, you are truly a complex puzzle sound simple. You are their puppet but...wait wasn't her mother earlier just telling me thier last name wasn't Summit? If it isn't Summit then what is it? Why use a fake last name Avery? What more are you hiding?'

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