stinging knees

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"Lol. I didn't know this story would get so many reads! Love you! Thank you all!😘 also I know I'm updating really late.well for me at least."


I woke up this morning with stinging knees. 

"You aren't going to school today." My mom demanded. I groaned rolled my eyes.

"Mom!! I have to go! Today's picture day." I whined and sat up from bed.

"I said no. And I don't want you hanging out with those boys." My mom snapped at me.

"Whatever. I'm going to school." I stated and got up from the couch. Yes I fell asleep on the couch. I walk into my room and pick out some clothes. Hmm. Picture day... what to wear. Hmm. Fine. This one outfit was staring right into my soul. It's like it wanted me to wear it. So I am.
i pulled over a pink crop top that was decorated with strawberries and that tied in the front. adding some mom jeans, i tried my best to keep them up without a belt.

And I even curled my hair. I walk out the door with my mom yelling at me. I wasn't really walking either. I had a brace on my ankle so that helped. I hopped on my bike and peddled to school. While stopping at a cross walk I got out a walkie talkie one of the boys had gave to me.

"Hey guys. You all coming to school?" I ask holding down the button.

"Yeah. How's your ankle Y/N?" Stan asked.

"Good. Thanks."

"Did you clean your knee cuts! There can be so much bacteria from the dirt and water. Disgusting." Eddie asked. I giggle and hold down the button.

"Yeah. I gotta go. Talk to you guys when I get to school." I continue peddling to school.

When I get to the door I see a girl who goes by Nicole at the door crying into her hands.

"Nicole?" I ask walking over to her.

"Yes?" She asked wiping away her tears.

"You okay?"

''Yeah. Henry he.. asked me to be his girlfriend! I'm so excited!" She chirped. What the hell? Who would be excited for that!

"Oh. Have a nice day." I wave walking into school. And people call me weird.

"Hey Y/N." my walkie talkie rang. It didn't sound like he boys. It was a girl.
And I knew Beverly's voice over it.

"Hello? Who's this?" I ask

"It's your mom. Stop talking to these boys. Like I alrea-"

"Hey! What's going on?" Eddie asked over the talkie. I sigh and throw the talkie in the garbage. Jeez. Guess I really can't hang out with them today. I go to my locker and open it. I hadn't decorated it. There were random pictures of the boys and beverly. I laugh and pick them up out of the locker. A new locket laid inside with a note attached to it.

"I know it doesn't have his ashes inside but we got you a knew locket. You should be able to put them inside of you have any left. Sorry. Love your friends
Richie, Bill, Eddie, Stan, Beverly, and Mike."

I'm gonna cry. I tape up all the photos I can to the locker and stash the rest in my bag. Why do they have to be so nice. Why can't my mom see that this is the kind of stuff they do. As looking in my books I see another picture. But it wasn't of them. It was my dads. It was brand new. On the back was a sticky note.

"Also thought you might want this back. Meet us at the arcade after school if you can!"

My moms gonna hate me if I do. I can't even talk to them today. How am I gonna say thank you. I turn around and see a man staring at me. He walks over to me and takes my bag and throwing it on the floor. This man looked like a teacher. He had styled blond hair and brown eyes. He finds all the leftover pictures and rips them up.

"What are you doing!" I yelled. He chuckled and handed me the papers. He jogs away and the boys run over to me with smiles on their faces.

"Oh." Stan says with a disappointing tone.

"No-no." I couldn't even speak. I was so surprised.

"We ge-get it." Bill frowns and walks away with the boys.

"God dammit!" I yell and slam my locker closed. Tears roll down my face.
"GOD DAMMIT!" I screamed and punched my locker. I kicked my locker than picked up my bag. I stomped to my classroom staying away from the boys. The whole class time my head was in my hands. I was so pissed. Why does this happen. I make really good friends and then someone come in a ruins it all. Fuck them. Not my friends but he people who ruin it.

I walk out of class and Bill tries talking to me.

"God dammit guys! I didn't rip your pictures! Someone else did and put them in my hands! I can't hang out with you guys because my mom is a total bitch. Need anything else explained!?" I freaked out at them. All of their eyes went wide.

"Oh." They all said in unison.

"Yeah. So I'm sorry. Thank you for the pictures. You guys are really sweet. And than you for the most beautiful locket. Oh. And the picture." I stormed off. Why do these things have to be so complicated. I get outside and throw my bike in the street. I start kicking the grass in anger.

"Why. Can't. You. Just. Understand!" I yelled while kicking the patch of grass.
"You. Never. Even. Cared. I. Want. My. Dad. Back." I cried falling to the pavement crying. I look so pathetic. I felt someone hug me from behind. I didn't care who it was. I needed a hug. I turn around not opening my eyes. I hug them and cry into their shoulders.

"Shhh." The person whispered.

"Ed-Eddie?" I ask pulling away to see Eddie.

"It's okay Y/N. we get it. Just calm down." Eddie says brushing through my hair.
I nod and hug him again. He helps me up and goes to get my bike.

"Thank you." I smile and get on my bike.

"Yeah." He nods. I kiss his cheek slowly and then start peddling away. Oh. My. Gosh. Did I do that. I did that. Woah. Okay.

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