Chapter 1

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Wade POV (idk if I'm gonna to alternate chaps or not) that's the new Wade up there. Love em.

I never really understood why people drank their sorrows away until now. After Rhys lost her memory. Broke me. It feels good to be numb, I don't have to think about all the things going on in my life. I can just sit here with bourbon in my hand and starting at whatever is in my view.

I just want Rhys back, the old Rhys. I refuse to read her letter because that was from the old Rhys and now I have the Rhys who doesn't remember me. I didn't throw her letter away though, I put it in an empty drawer of my desk.

What the heck? In drunk for a reason; to forget Rhys. To forget how she took my heart and tore it to shreds with her pretty hands.

I love Rhys, but I hate her too. I don't know which one out weighs the other, maybe half and half.

I hear someone knocking at the door and immediately groan because I'm the only one here so I have to get the door.  I'm not even drunk yet. So not fair, I need like three more drinks before I can deal with this shat.

I trudge down the stairs and throw open the door without looking to see who it is.

"Mom?" I ask in disbelief. She looks angry. "Mom what are you doing here?" I ask.

"Well, Regina called me and told me what was going on." She says sadly. I feel my heart drop because I don't want to think about what is going on. "Come here baby boy." She throws her arms around me. I squeeze my small mother back, first hug for a week after Rhys's memory loss. "I love you baby boy." She coos.

"I love you too, mom." I tell her. Then she takes my arm and starts walking down the road.

"I did not raise you up to be a poor excuse for a man." She yells at me as we near Rhys's house. "You told her you hated her?! No! You're going to apologize now." She growls.

"I'm not going over there mom." I say calmly even know I don't want to be calm, I want to be angry and tell her how much Rhys hurt me. She keeps pulling me and I start to feel anger taking over. "I'm not going, mom. No! I won't. She hurt me! She left me, I loved her. If she loved me she wouldn't have left me." I yell at her. I've never yelled at my mom before, until now.

My mom looks almost scared of me which makes my heart hurt more that it already does. She lets go of my arm and wipes a lone tear away. I take a step forward and another tear escapes her eyes.

"Mom," I say softly trying to fix it. I wrap her in a hug and squeeze her tightly. "I'm sorry, mom. I'll go if it makes you feel better." I say hugging her tighter.

She nods her head and leads me to the door.

The door opens revealing Rhys's mom. "Wade! I haven't seen you in awhile." She smiles brightly. Well I would still be around if it weren't for your daughter who I still love, but hate.

"Wade is going to talk to Rhys." My mom pushes me forward.

"She's in her room." Her mom says. Mom pushes me into the house with a bright smile at Rhys's mom. I groan and trudge up the stairs angrily.

I knock on her door and cross my arms waiting for her to open the door. There are soft foot steps before I here the handle turning. For some reason my heart is beating rapidly, I almost feel like I'm going to get sick.

The door opens showing Rhys, I want to reach out and pull her to me. Kissing every inch of her face and never letting me go. But instead and fight back a glare. She deserves this. This is her fault that I am unhappy.

"Wade? What are you doing here?" She asks quietly, he'd voice shaking as if she were scared.

"I was forced here to apologize." I grumble pushing past her. She shuts the door as I flop on her bed and pull the blankets over my body and close my eyes.

I haven't really slept much this whole week. The only really time was when I got so drunk I passed out. But what we works.

I feel my eyes growing heavier as I doze off. "Wade?" Rhys says making me open an eye to look at the long legged beauty.

"Yes?" I ask as I yawn.

"Can I ask you a few things?" She asks as I wish she were cuddled next to me. I love it when she is in my arms, I get the best sleep. The night of the ice storm was one of the best sleeps I have ever gotten and it was great. Truly great. I love her so much. I just want her back.

I pat the empty space next to me for her. "Yeah, whatever. Just lay here, next me. After I answer your questions I get to sleep, yeah?" I'm doing this all for sleep. I don't know how much longer I can go on without it. If it were my decision I would still be at home. Drinking. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back until the girl I hate lays down next to me. I fight the urge to hug onto her and never let go, but I hate her. I don't do that to people I hate. "Chop, chop. We haven't got all day." I sigh.

She laughs lightly, how can laugh I will never know. Oh, wait, I do! Because she lost her memory and doesn't have to go through the heart break of watching someone pretty much dead to me walk around. Clever Wade, glad you could come up with that.

I think I'm loosing it.

"Why did I drink and drive?" She whispers as I close my eyes. I should have told her I wanted to sleep before answering any questions.

"We broke up, and I guess you went and got drunk at someone's house. I found you, but the ambulance were already there and then we got back together." I tell her. I open my eyes to see her pretty face frown.

"So I don't have my hummer anymore?" Her face falls with tugs at me heart. Tears well up in her eyes. My heart tugs at the crumpled. My immediate reaction is to cup her face. I wipe her tears away, but then I remember that I hate her. I snatch my hand back and pull up the covers.

"Next question." I yawn in an uninterested voice.

"How did I loose my memory?" She asks making me go rigid.

I glare at her as I talk, "you were inconsiderate and only were thinking about yourself." I growl. She looks taken back by my outburst.

"What do you mean?" She asks.

I jab my finger in her direction, "You. Got. Rhys. Taken. Away. From. Me. That's what I mean. I was happy and you took it away. You gave my happiness and then you took it away. I haven't been as happy as I was when I was a young until I met you and you made me happy and you know what? You took it. You took my happiness, my love, my heart." My voice cracks.

I squeeze my eyes shut trying not to cry. Her hand touches my cheek before going to my hair. She massages my head making me cry. Rhys always did that. When we were together.

"Can you hold me until I fall asleep?" I ask  trying to wipe away my tears. "Just until I fall asleep? I haven't slept in a week, not a proper one. Please, Rhys?" I beg, my voice strained and my eyes blurry.

I feel her arms go around my shoulders and I hug her stomach to me. This will never happen again. I just need a good sleep and then I never want to see her again. At all. Nope. Nada. Not even in my memories.

Then I close my eyes, falling sleep cuddled to the love of my life. The one that doesn't remember me. What we shared. How she changed me.

Whoa, first chap. Can't believe I'm at book two already. Tell me what you think. Next chap is Rhys's POV. I think I'm going to alternate it from Wade to Rhys. Would you like that? Eh, too bad if you don't, imma do it anyway. lol. You guys are the best.

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