Chapter 104.

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Happy Navratris guys! Have an amazing Durga Puja!

Shravan's POV.

"Mr. Dutta why did you not mention to me about this past history of paper's having been forged?"

"Shravan I was also not aware or I would have surely told you." the man answered sounding sincere. "I have been working with them since about six years and this was before then and has never been mentioned."

I nodded in understanding.

"This is a major disadvantage for us." I said. What I did not mention is that if I get the slightest hint that Gupta's have been intentionally trying to harass Sumo I would personally sue them!

Not just because Sumo is my love, but also for professional ethics. I never have and never intend to side the wron

"Let's see what the day holds for us." I said when the senior man did not respond.

Silence again.

"Mr. Dutta do you- Mr Dutta?!" Where did he disappear?

"Mr. Dutta?" I asked turning around and did a double take when my eyes located him.

Sumo had just arrived and 'uncle' was holding the car door open for her!

Why is he trying so hard to make his life miserable?

"Come Miss. Tiwari, this way." He said sounding happy.

What is he, a host guiding a guest to his party!

"Thank you. Mr. Dutta I will manage." Sumo said looking slightly embarrassed.

"My pleasure Ma'am." Refusing to take the hint he gushed on.

Gritting my teeth I said loud enough to reach their ears "I am sure Miss. Tiwari knows by now where the courtroom is."

Sumo glanced in my direction and I saw her face take on a mischievous look making me narrow my eyes at her.

"Mr. Dutta thank you so much." She said her smile a tad bit brighter. "It is so difficult these days to find basic chivalry in men."

'Uncle' looked elated. "Yes. Kids these days." He shot me a pointed look. "Our childhood years were spent learning the basic good manners and principles of life."

Kids these days! Again?!

"Did you click selfies with the dinosaurs in your childhood?" I snapped but the sarcasm was totally lost on him as he stared at me with a blank expression while Sumo giggled.

Luckily for him his phone rang just then and he excused himself as he stepped away to answer it. I gave Sumo a dark scowl and she smiled at me.

"Selfies with Dinosaurs?" she asked chuckling and walking towards me. I saw by now Vandy Bhabhi and Varun Bhaiya had also alighted from the car and were walking towards the steps leading into the court. My father and Pushkar had already gone ahead.

"He keeps referring me as a kid, so I thought he may be from the Jurassic era." I said shrugging my shoulder, my scowl still in place.

"Come closer. I want to tell you something." Sumo said softly making the scowl falter and the heartbeat rate pick up. I bent down so that my face was at the same level as hers.

She leaned closer and I sucked in my breath in anticipation.

"I wanted to remind you." she started to say softly "Shravan Malhotra is never jealous!"

What the-!!

Her voice had been soft to reach only my ears but mouth close enough to rattle my ear drums.

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