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Chloe's POV

"ALLISON!!!!!!! HURRY UP!!!!" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs."WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR WORK!"

"You can't rush perfection." Allison skipping down the stairs and grabbing her purse off the counter.

"Yes I can!" I said dragging her by the wrist to my car.

Oh, my name is Chloe and here's my best friend Allison. We are professional writers and are currently on our way to work. We don't usually work on Saturdays, but our Mr.Gene, our boss, called us for an urgent meeting.

"Why do you think Mr.G wanted us so early?" Allison asked in the passenger as she applied mascara.

"I don't know." I shrugged."Maybe it's a new project."

"What's so important about this project that he couldn't tell us on Monday on our work hours?" She asked as I pulled into our parking space.

"We'll get the answer to that as we ask him." I said locking my Audi and walking inside the building.

"Morning Chloe! Morning Allison!" James, the doorman said.

"Morning!" We replied walking into the lobby. We headed to the elevator top the top floor. On our way to the top floor, one of our favorite songs came on.

So get out,

get out,

get outta my head

and fall into my arms instead

"Ugh! Those British boys are SO CUTE!" Allison said as the elevator dinged and we stepped out.

"Don't forget Niall who's Irish!" I said. We knocked on Mr.Gene's door but didn't wait for a reply, so we just walked in.

"GOOD MORNING!!!!!!" We chimed and crashed onto the bean bag chair. We had him put one in here since we hated those fancy uncomfortable chairs.

"Good morning girls. How are you?" He asked turning away from the computer screen to look at us.

"Tired, sleepy, lazy, crazy, hyper, and confused on why you had us come here so early on a Saturday." Allison answered.

"Well, long story shot, how would you girls like to write a biography that will be published and sold all over the world?" He said and our eyes grew wide.


"A certain boyband names ONE DIRECTION." He said grinning widely at us. Allison and I started screaming our heads off.

"Wait, why us?" Allison asked.

"Why not you? You guys are young, funny, and talented writers!" He complemented."I think a better book will be written if you two young ladies will be writing it. You will be meeting the boys in about 2 hours, so prepare yourselves."

That literally put us off the edge and we completely fangirled! We were meeting One Direction and writing their biography!

"Thank you so much Mr. Gene!" We squeezed him tightly. As we let go he adjusted his tie.

"You're welcome. Now you girls will be with the boys for 1 month, observing their daily routine and getting to know who they really are." He explained."Do your best and don't let me down girls."

"We never do!" We chimed as we skipped out of the room and into our own office. I sat in the twirling chair and spun myself around until I was about to puke!

"Can you believe this!" Allison sighed."We will be with the most amaZAYN boy band in the world for one whole month!"

I was about to answer her until there was a knock at the door. I sat up but tumbled a bit since I was still pretty dizzy from spinning around in the chair so much. I opened the door and before I knew it, I blacked out.

Allison's POV

"Chloe? Wake up!" I said trying to regain her consciousness. Let me break it down for you, she answered the door, saw it was One Direction, then passed out.

"sjbfurwo," Was all she managed to reply back to me."What happened?" She said groggily.

"You passed out, love." Harry said helping her sit it. Her eyes grew wide and she blushed with embarrassment.

"Yeah, you passed out from spinning so much in the chair." I said saving her from the embarrassment.

"I want to try!" Louis said yelling to the chair while Zayn spun him round and round. We all just laughed at their child-ness.

"I know what the first chapter is going to be on." Chloe said to me as she got up and took a picture of the lug nuts.

"Insanity." I mumbled to myself."Can you say best seller?"

"Alright, shall we get going?" Liam said.

"Go where?" Chole asked.

"Florida." Niall said

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