Chapter 15

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            "Ohh goodness Alice" I exclaimed thru laughter and Jasper joined in

            "Well, I'm just saying" She said with a smile

            "We're vampires we can't get pregnant" I retorted

            "Yeah, you're right" She sighed dramatically and we all laughed

            "Damn, I remember this" I said leaning into the couch; reliving memories

            "Remember what?" Jasper asked

            "How it used to be at the house. Nothing but laughter." I said sadly

            "Yeah, I remember too. I remember when Emmett accidently ran into the wall when you were chasing him" Alice said with a chuckle. I smiled at that thought.

            All of us, except Carlisle and Emmett were playing tag in the house. We always thought it was funner and more dramatic. I was chasing Emmett and he was running he rounded the corner and turned around looking at me yelling at me he yelled "You'll never catch  me" and BAM he ran smack right into the wall. It was hilarious totally priceless

            "That was priceless" I said with a smile and laughing. Then there was a knock at the door

            "And when Rose and Emmett were you know and Rose came out with sex hair" Alice yelled since I was on my way to the door. We all laughed as I opened the door.

            "Guess who?" He said with a smile. I hugged him so tight like I hadn't seen him in forever. Well, I hadn't seen him in days because of my stupid patrol schedule for Bella. He doesn't get to patrol much.

            He walked inside and I shut the door

            "Hey Seth" Alice said cheerfully when she appeared in front of Seth

            "Hi" He replied with a smile

            "Hola Seth" Jasper said; Alice turned and gave him a what the hell look? And we all laughed

            "Hey Jasper." He said

            "Well, we're going up to my room don't call if you need anything" I joked as we ran upstairs

            "No funny business" Alice yelled up the stairs. I leaned down looking down the stairs

            "That's all we do" I shouted back and we laughed. Alice rolled her eyes and walked out of sight from the stairs.

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