Chapter Twenty Four

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"Phoebe come on, we're going to be late!" I shouted, checking myself out in the window reflection as Phoebe ran towards the car, throwing her mum the keys, "Finally,"

She rolled her eyes as we both settled in the back seat of the car, snuggling up since it was so cold my nipples were seconds from freezing off.

"God, you smell delicious what is that?" Phoebe gushed as she sniffed, I moved away from her and giggled.

"Stop sniffing me you dog," I laughed before reaching into my bag and pulling out the bottle of perfume, "I found it in my mum's room, you can wear some if you'd like," she nodded eagerly and sprayed some onto herself.

"I haven't cut myself since last month, Katie," she whispered as she passed the perfume back to me. I squealed with excitement and pulled her into a hug, patting her back before pulling away. "Have you?" she asked.

"Of course not. My dad took away my blade and checks for cuts every night," I shrugged, "but it's helped me loads. Along with your love and support,"

She giggled and sang along to the radio, her brown hair bouncing as we had a pre party on our way to the sleepover.

Phoebe was a pretty girl. Gorgeous girl. She had the most beautiful chocolate brown hair and the brightest blue eyes. She looked like me. A lot like me. People would call us unidentical, identical twins. It made no sense but we went with it. We liked being known in that way, even though other people didn't. Phoebe Thomas wasn't an Elite. She was... a commoner I guess you could say. She wasn't like that, but I liked that about her. She was special.

"Katie I didn't see you at therapy this week," her mum said, turning down the radio.

"I had a cold and the worst stomach ache, dad even took a day off work to take care of me," she nodded as I tucked my hair behind my ear, "I'll be there next week though,"

Phoebe's mum was my therapist. That's how we met. Phoebe was extremely nosey and found my record in her mum's drawer and read it. She discovered we had a lot in common, found me during school and we've been friends ever since.

"So Katie? You hoping to you know... get with Tyler tonight," Phoebe winked as I gasped.

"Phoebe!" I put a hand over my chest and acted shocked, "of course I bloody am," I giggled and she rolled her eyes.

I didn't even like Tyler like that. Yeah, he was peng and all but I didn't want him. His personality was kind of like a dry piece of moldy bread. Well to me anyways. My mum just thought he'd be a good contender at controlling the 'wreck' that Katie Darlington was, and keep the press intrigued. I was 15 years old and already media trained. It's wicked. Poisonous even. I shouldn't be stressing over keeping the press entertained. But then again that's all a Darlington does.

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