1 - Cursed Life

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Author's Note: The story is going to start off a bit slow but as you read it gets better and eventually you get to meet the rest awesome characters in the story.

I am an amateur writer so expect grammatical errors, plot holes and what ever could go wrong in a story, but I hope you point out my mistakes if you notice them.

This story is an original work and shouldn't be redistributed in any away without my express permission.

Thanks so much for reading.

Hey guys! silentscarlettt here! I'm currently the editor for this novel and I'm super excited to get started! I'm going to shamelessly promote the AFC, or the Asian Fantasy Community, where we offer plenty of editors, graphics, etc. for Asian-loving fanatics like us! Your novel doesn't have to fall in the category of fantasy, just Asian in so way. Once again, I reached out to @iLyna_chAn to edit her books and here we are! She's a really sweet person from the PMs we've been exchanging and her book is fantastic from the chapters I've edited so far... I hope you guys enjoy the edited version!


In the Tang Qin Shang Dynasty, strength was everything and magic ruled the world. It was said that from birth, a child could already sense mana in the world and have an idea of which and what element they had an affinity to—be it Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, Space, Time, Wood, etc. Those with two elements were considered extremely rare, as well as three elements, but four element-born people were considered legendary.

But one day, a child was born useless; a total trash to such a world where power was everything. To make matters worse, his face was disfigured which unfortunately led for his father, General Lei, to despise him. For General Lei, his newborn was cursed; a stain to his unblemished name.

General Lei strongly believed that his child was sent by the heavens as a punishment because he betrayed his one true love by having an affair with a low-born, despicable, conniving servant who once tended to his beloved's needs.

The pitiful newborn without a name knew well that his father had not been fair to his naïve and innocent mother because she could have never been able to seduce the General, for she wasn't that type of person. But General Lei tried to paint himself white by plastering dirt and blame all over the child's mother; fortunately, the truth could never be hidden forever. There were people who knew that the General was the one that forced himself on his wife's servant girl and the fruit of this ugly mistake was the child without a name.

The child had figured out the truth and understood his mother's grievances, but just like her, he couldn't voice out his resentment and his pain.

When the incident was found out by the legitimate wife of the Lei Manor, she ordered that both mother and unborn child to be thrown out of the Lei Manor. From then onwards, the mother and son pair that only had each other were forced to live in a deserted, thatched house by a hill in the forest.

"Mother, why do I not have a name like other people? Please give your son a name!" The child pleaded, but his mother showed a solemn expression, one that he had gotten accustomed to and hated seeing the most.

"Don't be sad mother..." he mumbled gently, "I don't mind not having a name." The child tugged on his mother's sleeves and tried to smile to lighten the mood, so she ruffled his hair and smiled back while saying, "I am sorry for been so useless son... I am so sorry."

A tear slipped down from her eye, but she quickly raised her sleeve to wipe it off because she wanted to be strong for her precious son.

The powerless child soon found out that the reason he could never bear a name was because his mother had been banned by his father's beloved wife to never give him a name. Of course, his father strongly stood behind his dear wife's demands despite his mother pleading and begging.

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