Part 16 (2)

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(The messaged between Megan and other people from the last chapter)

Zara: Morning.
Megan: It's too early.
Zara: It's 8. It's fine.
Megan: No it's not!
Zara: Stop being grumpy. Anyway I'm making scones 😊
Megan: again?!
Zara: Yeah why?
Megan: Jesus I'm tired. Stop messaging me so early!!


Georgie has sent an image
Lauren: That's not like Megan.
Georgie: Ik. That's what I thought.
Lauren: She would never talk to any of us like that. Especially Zara.
Georgie: She's either in a bad mood or it isn't her.
Lauren: Well... I'd be angry if someone woke me up at 8 am.
Georgie: But that's the last thing they said! Megan would say sorry a few hours later.
Lauren: True. Let's see the chat between her and Lilee. They never argue.
Georgie: OK.


Lilee: Hey Megan! My Mum wants to know what time we're going to Alton Towers on Saturday.
Megan: It's cancelled.
Lilee: Oh! How come?
Megan: Can't be bothered.
Lilee: Are you being serious?
Megan: Yeah. Why wouldn't I?
Lilee: You a**hole


Lauren: That's just cruel.
Georgie: I know. I bet Lilee was heartbroken! But we both know that that isn't Meg.
Lauren: You don't say.
Georgie: Oh I hope Megan is OK.
Lauren: Patrisha said she had a weird encounter with Megan.
Georgie: Why have you just told me?!
Lauren: I forgot. Well... it isn't rlly an encounter. She told me that she was just on her phone when all of a sudden, Megan texted her.
Georgie: What did she say?
Lauren: She sent random words, that looked to be in ancient Greek or Latin or something. But Megan doesn't know any other languages!
Georgie: Did Patrisha send a screenshot?
Lauren: She couldn't! Megan deleted it straight away.
Georgie: Weird. I'll have a look at the convo between her and Patrisha. The deleted messages should still be there.
Lauren: Go ahead. Just don't type the words into Google. The FBI might go looking for you 😂😂
Georgie: I won't 😂


Patrisha: You OK?
Megan: Είστε όλοι ανόητοι. Ποτέ δεν θα ξεφύγετε από το μυαλό μας.
Patrisha: TF?!


Lauren: DAMN
Georgie: ikr.
Lauren: That's not right.
Georgie: Yeah.... I've got a really bad feeling about this. Megan is not safe.
Lauren: You don't say


Megan: Lizzie... something doesn't feel right.
Lizzie: What do you mean?
Megan: idk... just something feels wrong.
Lizzie: Get some music down ya. 😉
Megan: Stop it Lizzie. Something isn't right. I feel scared. I feel... idk.
Lizzie: You'll be alright. Just go to Lilee's.
Megan: Mum hasn't been right recently either. I can't leave her alone.
Lizzie: Bring Lilee over.
Megan: Mum says it isn't safe. Now I know. Lizzie help.
Lizzie: Look, get some sleep and you'll be fine.

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