Part 16

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Georgie: Did you hear about Megan?
Lauren: Nope. All I know is that she never came to school.
Georgie: Well she isn't at her house either.
Lauren: How do you know? Stalker.
Georgie: Lilee told me. She went over to see if she was alright. But she wasn't there.
Lauren: Probably on hols then.
Georgie: Not like her to go on holiday when she should be at school.
Lauren: Just because you never go on holiday doesn't mean others don't.
Georgie: 1. I do go on holiday, just when I'm not at school. 2. She'd tell us if she was though. I'm starting to get suspicious.
Lauren: You're so paranoid.
Georgie: I'm just protective with my friends, Lauren.
Lauren: Over protective.
Georgie: look, she hasn't told me, you or Lilee. That isn't like her. And did you see her Mum yesterday?
Lauren: No, why? And plus she's probably told Zara or Patrisha or Emily or someone! Even Lizzie!
Georgie: Her Mum's eyes were swollen and red. And when I saw her hand, it was bleeding like hell. And I don't think she'd just tell those three.
Lauren: Hmm... maybe we should investigate?
Georgie: Yeah. We should.
Lauren: Tried messaging her?
Georgie: Yep. I sent her a message on Instagram saying 'Hope you're alright. Why were you off school today? Lilee's coming over now'. And she never responded.
Lauren: Not like her.
Georgie: You don't say. What's weirder is that it says she's seen it. And she never just leaves you hanging.
Lauren: That's.... odd.
Georgie: Very. Lilee told me that when she knocked on the door, she heard a rustling, and felt very uncertain all of a sudden. She couldn't explain what had overcome her.
Lauren: Was she scared?! Lilee never gets scared!
Georgie: She said that she felt terrified.
Lauren: Should we go over?
Georgie: I can't. My parents won't let me.
Lauren: Pants.
Georgie: Yep.
Lauren: Any ideas?
Georgie: Yes! We could use that SpyText thing I saw on Instagram!
Lauren: Gr8 idea.

A/N this is not sponsored 😂 and these people are real people and I did not ask them if they wanted to be here.... oh well! The next part will be out soon, and it'll show the texts between Megan and others. Btw this is not real so...

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