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Hallo I literally have no excuse for this late update other than I get tired of One Shots real easily and usually stop after a while. But anyway, this particularly crazy one was written for kaylaconley2 by hhessburg who's literally amazing. She's helped me write a lot of things so if you're reading this I owe you cupcakes one day.

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~Amanda xx

"Kayla are you ready!" Niall asked enthusiastically.

You and Niall had been planning to go to the fair for months now. He's been really excited all week, but you weren't as thrilled as he was. Everytime you went to the fair, something awful happens.

"Ehh" You replied.

"Oh come on Kay, I know your excited!" Niall said.

You plastered a gigantic fake smile on your face to shut him up.

"There's that smile!" He said.

"Okay! Keep walking if you want to get in!" You said while pushing him into the line.

You sat in line for a while. So to keep Niall and yourself occupied, you and him made up a handshake.

Warning: I literally have no idea what she was thinking here but it's freaking hilarious so I kept it

"BA DA BA DA BA DA USHER USHER" You started the handshake.

Next, you snapped twice, then he snapped twice. Then, you booty bumped and swiched, then switched again.

"BANG BANG" He said while making gun hands and shooting them.

"IMMA SHOOT EM DOWN BABY" You said while pretending to shoot him.

Then, you turned around and fell. He caught you. Then he turned and fell and you caught him.

After that, you high-fived once, then twice, then three times. Lastly, you clasped hands after the third high-five, pulled them to your sides, and pecked eachother on the lips.

Okay that blew my mind but yeah, continue on

"THAT WAS AWESOME! Good thinking Kay!" He said.

"Thanks" you said blushing.

You got your tickets and walked inside the large carnival.

"Wow" He muttered.

"LETS GOOO!" You shout.

You both went on the tilt-a-whirl, a big rollercoaster, played some fun games, and lastly, went on the ferris wheel.

You get on the ride, And get inside the car. The wheel made its way around its self three times. you were going around your last time, and it stopped. Right at the top.

"FUCK NIALL! WHATS HAPPENING! God! I told you, bad things happen at the fair!" You screamed.

"Shhhh, Kay, its okay. Its okay, I promise" He soothed.


"Hey! Think about the brightside. Were at the top of a ferris wheel, not by yourself, but together. And we can see everything from up here. As long as your with me, we're safe" He said.

You looked out. It was beautiful. You smiled.

"You know just what to say" You said and hugged him tight.

"I love you" He said.

"I love you too" You replied, sealing your words with a kiss.

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