Not One To Judge

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Erin’s  P.O.V.

                “So, what should we ride first?” I ask Niall when the everyone walks away to go their separate ways.

                “Ride? No way. First we’re getting food!” Niall says and pulls me over to the food stand. I laugh at his constant hunger.

                “How are you still skinny? You eat literally, NONSTOP!” I ask as we wait in line to get some food.

                “I’ve asked myself that question myself many times.” He exclaims and we laugh as we walk up to the booth to get our food. “I’ll have two hotdogs, a large soda, a large French fry, and a hamburger. And Erin what would you like?”

                “I’ll have two hamburgers, a regular fry, and a large soda.” I tell the girl and she looks at us like we’re crazy.

                “Anything else?” She asks humorously.

                “No that’ll be it. For now.” Niall says and she hands us our food and we go over to a table and he laughs. “Should you really talk about me eating a lot when you ordered all that!” He says pointing to my food.

                “Okay, true true. I guess I shouldn’t judge!” I say laughing. I dip my fries in ketchup and look over at Niall to see his mouth full with a whole hotdog in his mouth. “Well, maybe I should judge. At least I eat my food like a normal person!”

                “Shut up.” He says through his mouth which is filled with food. “So what do you wanna ride?” He asks after we finished our meal.

                “Uhhhh, I don’t know? I’m not good at decision making!” I say looking around.

                “Ok, I’ll surprise you.” He says and covers my eyes and he walks me over to a ride and keeps his hands over my eyes. “So, how come I never met you before?”

                “Well, Simon always wanted us to live kinda a normal life, so he didn’t want us all over the tabloids and paparazzi following us nonstop. Which I was happy for, but Ashley wasn’t because she wanted to be known and have everyone know who she is. But I’m grateful for everything that I have.”

                “So did you like us when you were on the X-Factor?” He asks and pushes me forward as we get closer to the end of the line.

                “Oh, I always loved you guys. I voted for you every week!” I exclaim.

                “So, who was your favorite?” He asks cheekily.

                “That’s easy,” I say and I can almost feel his smile,” it was always Zayn. I loved him!”

                “Oh, that’s cool.” He says and I can hear the disappointment in his voice.

                “I’m just kidding! It was always you!” I say and laugh, “You are so gullible.”

                “Haha, you’re so funny.” He says. “So what made me your favorite?”

                “Well, I loved how carefree you are, and how you laughed over everything. Oh, and how you are like a baby penguin and I feel like you would be really good if I was upset or scared.” I say and then blush that I just admitted that to the Niall Horan why I loved him. He helps me into a car thing and I hear a scream.

                “Well, you might need me to comfort for this ride!” He says and takes his hands off of my eyes as I feel the car move. I look around and see a witch jump out and I scream. We were in a haunted house.

                “No no no no no no! Niall why did you do this?!” I ask as a ghost comes out and I scream and hug Niall. “Help me! Help me! Help me! Take the baby penguin instead!”

                “Hey!” He yells and I laugh. “NO! Take her!” He yells at the chainsaw man who jumps out of a cornfield which is all around us in the room we’re in.”

                “Told you we shouldn’t have done this!” I yell as another man jumps out and I swear I almost peed my pants.


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