Part 17 - Matriarchy of Georgia

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Lori's POV -------

That little bitch! I though I had made it clear to stay away from my husband... she can't keep her hands off of him! I began to stew inside at the sight of that bitch kiss Rick, acting all hurt and innocent when she knows I warned her to stay away... well if I can't keep her away, I'll keep Rick busy somehow.

"How are you feeling?" Rick disturbed my thoughts, I glanced over to Rick from Jess's tent and crossed my arms. "No nothing at all, I'm gonna stay out here for a while I need to think" I replied sternly averting my glance from Rick to Jess's Tent again. "Alright...okay"Rick responded sheepishly before retiring back to the farm house to check on everyone after tonights misfortune.

For days I had been thinking of ways to tell rick about the pregnancy but I didn't know how to... now I know. I'll tell Rick tomorrow and maybe he might put his attention back on me and Carl again... I'm going to sort that little home wrecker out once and for all.


I couldn't sleep last night, I kept playing over what had happened, I felt disgusted and sick, they kissed like they had done it before... maybe they had... ugh I don't want to think about it! But I can't help it.

Carl and Rick had already left the tent before me, I decided to get up and change before I went and 'talked' to Jess. I want to hit her!! Teach her a lesson! Me and Rick haven't talked for about a week, I was still fuming about Rick offering to give Jess his blood! I told him not to and what happened? he was so weak I had to help him walk around! That's my husband and I'm not letting him go!

I unzipped the tent door and scanned the area for Jess, there she is, she was by the big oak tree on the other side of camp fixing the washing line which kept breaking when we had put the clothes on it to dry. My eyes narrowed and I stormed over to her, she was alone and it was now or never.

"I know what happened last night...anything you need to tell me?" she stopped what she was doing and gave me a confused look before speaking "What... Randell? I though Rick ha-" "Don't lie to me!" I backhanded her around the face, my wedding ring must have caught her lip as it was bleeding, but I didn't care I just wanted the truth. "Aghh!" she grabbed her cheek but stared in shock at me "I want the truth... and I want it now!" I spat, not trying to make too much noise so everyone would notice. "I'd think twice before you did anything else little miss preggers" she threatened in a low tone whilst rubbing her cheek, I could feel the colour draining from my cheeks... she wouldn't, would she?

"Woah! is everything okay?!" Rick barged past me and went straight to Jess to see if she was okay, he caressed her cheek and checked to make sure the bleeding had stopped from her lip, my heart sank. "Yeah its just a misunderstanding... right Lori? Jess averted her glare from Rick to myself... "Yeah just a misunderstanding... she needed help with the washing line but she fell and bashed her face on the tree I was just... helping her up" Rick looked at me then to Jess , I don't think he bought my story but I don't care. "C'mon we need to get you cleaned up" Rick motioned Jess towards camp to get her cleaned up and that was the end of that.

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