= Chapter 44 =

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" Our love is like a heatwave."

-Jeremy Lockhart

Jeremy is Blades.

The good boy is a underground fighter.

It all made sense now. On that night where he came to my house, he asked me to bandage his bloody fist. He did not fall off his bike, he fought that night. When he went to that bar before visiting his dad at the prison, he walked into the bar with his shades—to not get noticed.

The hints were right in front of me, but I was oblivious to it.

"Shocker eh?" Kai broke the silence.

"I can never imagine Jeremy fighting, I've seen Blades fight but it's so hard to believe it's Jeremy. " I breathed out.

"Well, it's reality sunshine, gotta face it." He shrugged, slouching against the sofa with me beside him.

"Can you promise something, Kai?" I looked up at him with sincere eyes.

"Well, you saw how I just broke a big promise a few seconds ago...it depends on the promise itself." He pushed his glasses up his nose nervously.

"Promise me that you would not telL Jeremy that I know that he's Blades. "


"Firstly, you'll be dead. Secondly, I want to see whether he tells me the truth by himself."

Pausing, Kai looked up at the ceiling, clasping his fingers.

"Fine, I promise."


Boredom was the only thing that filled my mind at this very moment, I realized how entertaining Jeremy truly was. Without him, my life would be utterly basic.

Kai was most probably in his room and here I was, at the balcony playing candy crush. It was about 3pm, and I felt like I was locked up in this hell hole.

Speaking too soon, my phone vibrated with a new message.

" clue 2: go to Oakley Avenue, street 28. He knows everything. Go there. Without Jeremy. -3W! "  I read out the text, my heart beating ten times faster.

Should I go? Should I tell Jeremy?

We are a team afterall, but he doesn't even tell me where he is going, so why should I? I have to find a way to leave this house without Kai noticing.

Creeping down the flight of stairs, i grabbed Kai's skateboard. Making sure that Kai wasn't in view, I left without a sound.


My legs were becoming numb after skateboarding a mile or maybe even more. With directions from passer-bys, I was finally standing before an ordinary house. I had no clue who to expect. So far, my life had been less predictable than it used to be.

Taking a deep breath, I pressed against the doorbell. I had to admit that I was extremely brave to go to a house which I had no idea who lived there. He could even be a murder or psychopath.

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