Regrettably, Vinny decided to hit her head hard against the door frame. He caught her as she fell limp into his arms, knocking her unconscious.

Oliver watched with wide eyes as the vampire lowered her to the ground. He had to do it, she was out of control.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't see any other choice," He spoke and turned to his soulmate.

"No, i-it's okay." He was too overwhelmed.

"Oliver, this is our chance to get out of here." Vinny took hold of his cheeks and stared intensely into his eyes. He nodded and watched his mum, laying on the cold concrete ground. He wanted to scream at her for being so foolish but they had to escape while they had the chance. "Don't let your mind think about it. We'll have time for that later." Vinny tugged on his hand, the desperation leaking in his eyes.

He knew it was hard for him but they could still be in danger. As crazy as it was for Oliver's mum to do what she did, they could not dwell on it just yet.

It could have been worse, Vinny didn't have to stop her.

Oliver managed to tear his gaze away and followed Vinny down the corridor. He forced himself to forget what just happened, he had to stay focused and alert. Of course, it was difficult but he wanted to get the vampire away from danger.

While they sneaked down the corridor, they approached a set of stairs. Hoping nobody was downstairs, Vinny tried to stay as silent as possible. If there were people guarding the property, surely they would have heard all the shouting?

Slowly, they both took one step at a time. The floor creaked yet the house remained completely silent. The steps were just as scummy as the rest of the house and Oliver was a little fearful that they might collapse. There was no railing so the boys stayed close to the wall and close to each other.

When they reached the bottom, Vinny was convinced that nobody was downstairs. His hearing is exceptionally good and he trusted it.

"Are we going out of the front door?" Oliver whispered. It didn't quite fit the door-frame and had boarded up windows. There were scuffed marks around the handle where the metal scratched the wood, indicating that it had been used several times.

"I say... we make a run for it."

Oliver nodded and edged towards it.

"Be prepared," Vinny whispered and rested his fingers on the handle. They shared a glance before the vampire pulled it open.

Daylight instantly flooded their eyes, but they forced themselves to adapted quickly as they frantically looked around. However, the house opened up into a street and not a single soul was in sight. It was empty, quiet, and the snow was thick on the roads, indicating that nobody had driven down it in a while.

Vinny expected at least three people to be stood outside, but he was going to take advantage of the situation.

"Let's go." They took each other's hand and started running down the street. Oliver only had a t-shirt on so he was thankful that he would at least build up some heat.

The path was short and it didn't take them long until they reached the main road. The boys looked around until Vinny spotted a narrow street, leading into a little market. He knew Oliver looked out of place with only a t-shirt on in minus temperatures so they had to find some clothing.

The human knew what he was planning and a busy market was perfect to disguise them. It was very easy to lose a face in the crowd.

When they approached it, some people were staring as Vinny was clearly a vampire and Oliver, a human. But they didn't care as Vinny spotted a stall that was busy enough for him to steal something without being noticed.

He walked over and his intense eyes scanned the people. Nobody was paying much attention to them, indicating to the boys that they must be in another city.

If it was the Vanderwood's city, people would have gone crazy by now. Their kidnapping was all over the news and in the papers. People were doing live reports outside their mansion and the public was doing all they could to help find them.

Oliver kept his head down as Vinny walked past a stall and effortlessly took two hoodies. His face stayed mutual as they continued to walk through the market.

They waited until the stall was out of sight until Vinny stopped and handed Oliver one of the jackets. They were thick and lined with fur on the inside.

Both of the jackets were for Oliver so he didn't get cold, but he insisted that the vampire wore one so they could put their hoods up and blend in.

It was strange for Oliver to see Vinny in something so, normal. But he suited it.

"Do you see a telephone box anywhere?" Vinny asked as they looked around.

"Yes, over there!" Oliver pointed to a red box, standing on the corner of a street. "Do you have any change?"

Vinny shook his head to say no.

"You have to pay to use it?" He may be wise, but modern technology has come around fast for the Vampires.

"Yes, but I think we should get to a train station, that'll tell us where we are and then we can jump on a train to your city?"

"Don't you have to pay for trains too?" Vinny questioned. Yet, it was a good idea to stay within the public eye.

"Yes, but if we're lucky, we can chance it. Sometimes you can get away with not having a ticket. If we explain our situation, I'm sure they won't mind," Oliver smiled.

Vinny tried to return the smile before they walked down the street, hand in hand. They had no idea where they were, or if they were even going in the right direction. But they were out of the house and away from danger, for now.

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