Part 16 - A cast of iron

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"Its getting dark, we better get going" Andrea looked out of the glass doors then turned her glance back to Rick and I. We both nodded, I jumped back over the bar and slid myself on to the other side grabbing a bottle of vodka as i did and walked across the room catching up to Rick and Andrea.

The warm Georgia air hit me in the face as I exited the bar making me sweat instantly. "HELP" a man was crying down the road in the direction of the car, I looked around to see if I could identify who it was. I couldn't. We ran towards the Car at full sprint, I spun around in the direction of the yelps, who ever it was, they sounded in pain. There was a man, it looked like his leg had been impaled by something.

"Oh my god...look!" I pointed towards the man, I dropped the bottle of vodka which smashed on the floor I began to run towards him "We have to go! leave him he's drawing walkers!" I stopped running and stopped dead in my tracks, spun around and faced Andrea, Rick had run past me "We have to help him, this is cruel! Keep the walkers off us!" I spun around and continued my route towards Rick and this mystery man, once I had got there I saw the extent of his injury. The mans leg had been impaled by a sharp point on the metal fence, we had to get him off. I covered the strangers mouth with my hand to muffle his screams."The only way we can get him off is to pull him off but I don't know whether the fence has gone through his artery!" the mans wails were getting louder over our conversation , Rick began to wrap his belt around the mans leg, he stared at the man for a moment then back to me. "There's only one way to find out" Rick grabbed the strangers leg and yanked it off the metal fence in one swift pull, then proceeded to carry him across the road to the car. Andrea managed to keep the walkers off of us, she opened the door, I entered the car first and waved my hands to let Rick know he could place the stranger in so I could do my best to tend to his wounds. "Go go go!!!"


Half an hour had past and we were near to the farm, the mystery man was drifting in an out of consciousness, well... he wasn't a man, a boy if that, he didn't look more than 19 years old.

"Right were here, can you help him? I don't think we will have any help from Hershel" "I think I can help him, from what we got today I can help him" responding to Rick without looking at him, I had elevate the boys leg to try and stop the bleeding, I think I had it under control and the fence had definitely missed his artery or he would have been dead by now. The car stopped and Rick helped me get him out of the car and into my tent, there was enough room for me to look at him there, the darkness didn't help though. It was had to see with only the dim light of my lantern but it was adequate. Andrea handed me the bag of supplies and I got to work. I tried to remember everything I knew about science and the body and tried my best to stop his bleeding and clean his leg up, tonights going to be a long night.


It had taken me an hour to get his leg to stop bleeding, I managed to keep him conscious and get what his name was. Randell. The tent zip opened, I turned my gaze from Randell to see Rick come in. I went to speak and tell Rick how Randell was and that he'd be okay, but he looked sad and in dire need of comfort. "We need to talk... now" I nodded and followed Rick out of the tent and into camp.

"Rick what's wrong?" I was beginning to feel worried at what Rick wanted to say, he glanced over by the tree line then to the farm house and back to me, he took a deep breath. "There's no easy way to say this... so I'm just gonna come out with it" I had knots in the pit of my stomach, that sentence could mean anything. "Dale... he was... he was attacked and Daryl... he... had to end it before he could come back" Rick kept talking but it was muffled, he was... dead. How could he be dead? how was he attacked? how could this happen? A tear fell down my cheek, my vision blurred, I began to sob. Rick pulled me into his chest and wrapped his arms around me, I was balling my eyes out, Dale was a nice guy and he had been the for me throughout everything. He had stopped in the fist place which saved my life, again he saved my life when he drove me to the farm and he would come and see me in Hershel's house to make sure I was okay and comfortable. I felt Rick's lips on top of my forehead which gave me a temporary sense of security and false hope that everything would be okay, I looked up at him and he cradled my face with his hand which I leant in to. Rick wiped away my tears with his thumb from the hand that cradled my face, he pressed his lips onto mine not caring if anyone was looking. The kiss was short and sweet, more reassuring than anything else. I pulled away and backed up from Rick, I went to open the tent door, I needed to watch Randell, we had no idea who he was or what he was capable of, yes he had a bad leg but he still needed to be watched. "Go and tell the group about Randell, he'll need watching tonight..." Rick nodded as I saw him off and closed the tent door contemplating about what had happened.

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