[SPECIAL] Asano x Mute! Reader (Lost for words)

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A/N: I ran out of ideas whoop~ I can't and have no motivation to write scenarios rn. yikeS here is a SPECIAL update oneshot? I'm not dropping this book just give me a 2 week break soz for the bad content. one shot here *hands to you reader* drops mic and leaves.

"I'm sorry," the arrogant male responded as he accidentally knocked you. Your books were scattered everywhere and it was a mess. Bystanders didn't bother helping you but instead started crowding around you and gossiping. You wish they would stop talking about you how you were 'lame' and 'pathetic'.

Many people in your class knew you. You were known as the silent muted girl. Who never spoke. Nobody knew whether you actually knew how to spoke or you just couldn't.

You were use to people ignoring you. You didn't want them pitying you and feeling sorry for you. Annoyed you snatched your papers from Asano's hand. Making contact with his eyes for a second.

Those e/c eyes. It was when he saw those e/c eyes his world had stopped. The beautiful shinning e/c eyes that met his eyes for a second.

You glared and walked away quickly to get to your class, leaving Asano stunned. He chuckled lightly to himself as he walked to his class. Though he couldn't get you out of his mind. The mysterious girl.

If only he knew your name and could meet you again. Your eyes filled with mysteries waiting to be solved. Those eyes were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

Although he had many fans and seen many girl's eyes there was something intriguing about yours and captivating about them. He didn't seem to know why but he wanted to. He wanted to get to know you more.

You went to your class blocking out the soft whispers in the corridors of the school. Walking to your usual seat at the back of the classroom near the window.

You never interacted with your classmates often, only nodding. There was one boy in particular you would "speak" to through text and writing notes down and he was in 3E.

However, Asano was struggling to focus during class. He was too spaced out thinking about you, your eyes how they sparkled and shone. He really wanted to know your name. Sighing he continued to dream about you, he could not get you out of your head. Wanting more information you.

The class ended soon ended in a breeze and school was over. You didn't pay much attention to the teacher.

You were busy thinking about Asano. You did have a little bit of feelings for him but you didn't want to deal with his fangirls. They were such a pain and you had no voice to stand up to yourself.

As you walked down the stairs to your locker you saw that boy again. That strawberry blonde boy who wouldn't stick his nose in other people's business. You tried to walk faster away from him.

You knew him but he didn't know you that well. He was the principals son the one and only Asano Gakushuu who was an ass and pain in the neck constantly playing games with 3E.

You were supposed to be in the A class but you asked to be transferred to be in the B class not wanting attention and being in the same class as Mr. Perfect.

Getting your shoes you walked outside out of the school gates. "Wait, up!" a familiar voice speaks. You turn around and it is Asano, ignoring him you continue to walk quicker this time. "I don't know your name." the male speaks.

You turn around and stop. Asano runs towards you panting as he tries to catch his breath. "I need to know your name." you roll your eyes annoyed. Since you were staring at the ground

Asano couldn't see your eyes again. Turning around you ran quickly trying to avoid the male and give eye contact.

This confused Asano as he watched you ran away. All he asked was your name was so weird about that? Confused Asano headed back to school to teach the students and help tutor them with Ren.

Walking up the stairs again Asano soon arrived in the classroom greeted with many stiffled giggles from his female classmates. Confused from the incident earlier, Asano pulled out a chair from the desk and sat next to Ren who was currently flirting with a girl.

"Ren, I need to ask you something," the strawberry blonde asks concerned. Ren who was currently flirting with the girl stopped and faced Asano.

Grabbing a chair next to him."Bye cutie! I'll talk to you later!" Ren winked at the female. The female giggled and continued to do her work.

"Do you know this girl who has h/l h/c?" Asano asked as he tried to describe you, he had a limited amount of words. He felt stupid he didn't know who you were he literally knew everybody in the whole school but why not you?

"Mhmmm!" Ren replied in response as he tried to remember you, he had flirted with many girls so this should have been easy for him. His eyes lit up as he remembered you, "I know!" he spoke snapping his fingers. Asano eyes began to widen as he wondered what Ren was about to say.

"Her name is L/N, F/N and was supposed to be in 3A for her amazing academia results. Apparently she asked for a transfer to 3B for some reason." the male shrugged. Asano whispered your name as he tried to remember it, "L/N F/N."

"But I also have to tell you this as well." Ren began to speak again in a serious tone. This made Asano wonder what was so serious. He got all his information he needed. F/N L/N in Class 3B, he would make sure to get you transferred into his class, 3A. "What is it now?" Asano spoke as he was getting irritated by each second.

Ren breathed and spoke slowly, "But she is muted meaning she doesn't talk"

This shattered Asano's heart into pieces, he didn't know what to say. Your encounter with him didn't mean anything or could have mean anything. The only thing he knew was he wanted to get to know you more and be in your life. He needed help and so did you.

Another one of Asano x mute! reader? *tissues for all*

series I should make one, would u read it?

reader might or might not be able to speak honkkkk *makes obnoxious noises, faw im scaring the readers*

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