Part 15 - Leave and never return

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"I want you to leave... All of you!" Hershel belted out in hysterics by our camp so that we could all hear him, before retreating back into the farm house. "I'll go and talk to him" Rick said taking a deep breath to calm himself before he approached Hershel.

"I think it should be Shane who leaves" Andrea chimed in making matters worse by the comment she had just made."Really? Weren't you the one stood right next to me taking down walkers?" Shane responded lightning fast and defensibly at Andrea's remark."We didn't have a choice because you're stupid ass opened the barn!" Glenn shouted from inside his tent that he had retreated to. Shane began to walk off in frustration at the dick move he had just pulled, he mumbled something to himself before shouting back at us "I saved y'all, and stopped the walkers from escaping!!"


It felt like hours before Rick had left the house, after talking to Hershel he finally emerged, he looked as though he was contemplating something, perhaps it was the recent conversation he had with Hershel, or the previous barnyard mishap we had earlier in the day. The group gathered round to hear what the verdict was, our chosen fate, if this goes the way I think it will, it's all on Shane and everyone knows that. Rick stood there contemplating what to say before he said it... "Maggie talked Hershel into rethinking about letting us stay here, under one condition... we stay the hell away from him and his family" a sigh of relief swept over me, we could still stay but it came with a price. I had grown fond of Maggie, and we had grown fairly close during the short week that we had been here, it was a shame that we couldn't communicate any further.


"I'm going on a run" I needed to get off this farm, plus I was in dire need of a stiff drink, so I may as well go on a run and pick some up, I overheard Hershel talking about a bar close by. I glanced over by the horizontal barbed wire fence that ran parallel with our camp to see Rick and Lori arguing... again. Maybe she's actually telling Rick that she's pregnant? Naw I doubt it, by the look she gave me when I found the pregnancy test, she doesn't plan on telling him anytime soon. Andrea waved her hand in front of my spaced out face, my thoughts we disturbed "I'll come, I need to get out of here for a while... lemme tell Rick" I nodded in agreement as she began to trot in Rick and Lori's direction, alright that's one volunteer anyone else?

"Rick is coming with us" my thoughts were disturbed once again, Andrea had waved her hand in front of my face for the second time snapping me back in to reality. "All right then let's get geared up and move out"


"There it is" I pointed to the turning that directed us into the small town that Hershel had been talking about. This town had been practically destroyed, some of the dilapidated buildings looked like they were going to collapse any minute. There was the pharmacy, "There" I pointed to the small white building from the front passenger seat window waiting for the car to pull in and stop. "Right eyes peeled, last time Glenn came here with Maggie they got attacked" Rick began to whisper as we entered the pharmacy looking for what ever we could deem as important. I began to look through the collapsed shelves at anything we could possibly need, I looked at the list I had been given and got to work on collecting it. I began to check off what we had found with a pencil I had found in the RV. Bandages...Check...Pain killers...Check...Iodine and peroxide...Check... Sanitary towels... Definitely check. I had checked everything off the list in a surprisingly large that I had collected everything I walked out to the car checking my surroundings as I did.

"God I need a drink" Andrea chimed as I chucked my backpack in the boot of the parked car. "I hear that... there's a bar over..." I responded whilst looking at my surroundings trying to pinpoint the bar that Hershel had mentioned. I kept looking at both ends of the street until I had found an unlit neon bar sign saying HATLIN'S hanging on the side of the building, that must be it "Over there" I pointed to the sign and began to approach it. "Where are you going?" I kept walking but turned around as I did, I began to walk backwards but keeping up with Andrea, "We're getting a drink...You coming?" Rick pinched the bridge of his nose before nodding and catching up to us.

We arrived at Harlin's bar which wasn't far from the car, I bashed the butt of my handgun onto the glass of the bar entrance, and waited for any sign of life, any sign of the dead anyway. We waited for a few minutes and deemed it safe to enter. We walked around the bar to do one final sweep, it seemed safe enough to enter. I jumped up and slid myself over the bar to pour a drink for Rick, Andrea and myself.

There was one room we hadn't checked, behind the bar a walker had appeared which hadn't heard my bangs on the glass moments before. Once again I was in the similar scenario of a walker grabbing at my shoulders, I was in no mood for this, I needed a drink. I spun around and pistol whipped the walkers face, it collapsed and tried to grab at my feet, I shook its mutilated hand off and picked up my foot then stomped on its head whilst it disintegrated under my boot. I shook off most of the blood and parts of the walkers head off my boot before gaining my composure. I began to pour myself a drink but the room was silent, I looked up to see Rick and Andrea staring at me, I turned my head quick glancing at the doorway where the walker had appeared then back again. "What?" I was genuinely confused as to what they were staring at. "Nice one James Bond, where did you learn that?!" Andrea broke the silence. "Oh that?" I pointed to the walker with the bashed in head. "Yeah I don't know it sort of just... happened" I honestly didn't know where it came from, I thought about this as I took a swig of whiskey into my mouth, ugh I don't even like whiskey, but I needed it. I only had the one drink, my tolerance to alcohol is probably next to none, I gave Rick and Andrea their drinks and raised my glass. "Cheers"

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