How resume parsing technology improves recruitment process?

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Today, the technology is involved almost at every pace of business. It involves everything right from recruitment, operations to hiring. The recruitment is one of the toughest tasks but the most important to improve organization's performance. It is followed by a hectic process of resume tracking, evaluation, gathering, and finally analyzing it as per the need of the position. It would get difficult to handle these queries manually.

The recruitment process is time-consuming as they need to follow the whole process, analyze resumes and sort them manually into appropriate fields. Hence; software such as resume parser is used by recruiting firms, job portals or organizations to simplify their resume matching task. Resume parsing tool helps in better decision-making and provides a wider picture for appropriate hiring.

The resume parsing tool is used to create convenient and easy resume screening process

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The resume parsing tool is used to create convenient and easy resume screening process. It allows recruiters to organize resume information within the email or any source into desired output such as any CRM, Database, Excel or Google spreadsheet. It uses a semantic search algorithm to find appropriate data as per the need of recruiters. Once resume parsing is over, recruiters can search any desired data from the stored output. This is how recruiters can get benefit from the resume parsing technology.

Resume parser has the capability to extract work information, contact details, skills, educational background and other relevant data of candidate. Over the time, this technology has become advanced and ended up with the accuracy of more than 90%. It offers much better candidate experience and quicker response time to recruiters.

Resume parser technology is getting advanced and more affordable day by day. Some of the tools are available online at free of cost. CandidateZip is one of the resume parsers that allows to set-up your own Zap and send data to selected ATS or CRM such as Salesforce, Agile, Sugar CRM, Zoho, etc. automatically from thousands of resumes.

The working mechanism of CandidateZip:

• It connects with your email, desktop folders, web folders, or any other application platform to pick resumes.

• It extracts data from resumes/CV/jobs and parses as per the specified standard.

• After the process, it pushes data to CRM/ATS/database, Excel or Spreadsheet.

• It connects with 4000+ CRM/ATS/databases across the globe.

• No data entry required

Finally, we can say that resume parser tool helps to speed up recruitment process through easy and convenient resume searching. If any recruiting agency, staffing companies or organizations can go for resume parser to ease their resume searching process and eventually recruitment.

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