August Alsina

"Would you like for them to step out " Dr. Sanchez asked Elysia and she looked over at us I could see Nova shake her head

"No their fine " she answered

"Ok well let's get started " he placed the sheet over her propped legs and sat down at the end where the stool was " I just want to measure your uterus make sure everything normal "

"Are you comfortable ?" I asked

She looked over and nodded if she was Nova I would have been quick to change her doctor to female I still wanted to but I left it alone because I had no reason to trip to be honest.

He got up removing his gloves and throwing them in the trash and placed new ones on " everything is great you at the size you are at the suppose to be" he let her legs down flat " now we want to do the ultrasound "

Elysia was now two months and was growing a small pudge. We found out her due date would be January 29th two days before the wedding. I asked Nova did she want to change the wedding date until six weeks after because he wouldn't be able to attend. She said no when that time come we will just have to work it out.

I was pulled from my thoughts when Nova tapped me " August listen our baby's heartbeat"

I'm not going to lie hearing the heartbeat warmed my head getting up I stepped closer to the computer to see the screen clearly

"You see" Dr.Sanchez pointed to the screen with the other hand

"Wow" I said lowly to myself I couldn't believe it " All the times Nova and I tried for a little one ourself it wouldn't happen. God finally blessed us with our child and I was beyond thankful.

I looked down at Elysia to see she had her eyes closed she seemed to be unbothered as she always was when we engaging about the baby.

I think she do that so she won't be attached as she shouldn't be. So I don't mind her being in her own world.

"So your little one is doing great he or she is healthy and growing " Dr.Sanchez said as he wiped the gel off her with a towel " all done Ms. Wright" she opened her eyes and they looked at each other for a minute before he helped her up

"Thanks" Elysia said

I watched them out the corner of my eye as Nova talked to me

"August you here me ?"

"Yeah ma I hear you" I put my attention on her

After we got the ultrasound pictures we left out heading to the car. I helped Nova and Elysia in before I got in myself.

"Next time I want to get the 3D ultrasound" Nova said

"What's that"

"You can see the baby much better with it."

"That will be nice. I think I know what you talking about. "

"You do, you remember your brother had got one ?"

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