A Happy Ending

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Everything changed when Clay came. Everything changed for the better. Thanks to Clay, Jestro got his life back and Monstrox was gone from their lives. One year on from when the curse was lifted, things slowly but surely improved. The gang were adjusting back into their human forms and improving themselves as human beings. A few weeks after the curse was broken, Clay asked Jestro if he and his family wanted to move to Knighton with him and out of the castle. After discussing it with them, they said yes; thinking it would be a nice change. After a while, the Knights helped them build a house big enough for all of them; building it right next to where Clay and Jestro were living. They would always visit each other to catch up on many things. But one day, Jestro came over to the house with the most joyful smile on his face. The gang only just noticed that he had a ring on his finger when he gave them the good news.

Clay proposed. And Jestro accepted.


Whiparella fixed up Jestro's hair and white head piece while Lavaria gave him a makeover for his big day. The pair were going to make sure their boy looked as beautiful as he felt.

"And a little bit of blush and we're done." Lavaria announced as she finished applying the makeup.

Jestro opened his eyes and blinked a bit. Whiparella finished fixing up the blue and purple dress coat that he wore when he first danced with Clay. She gently put it on him as she held back joyful tears. Jestro stood up and looked at himself in the body length mirror in the room. The jester stared with silent awe as he turned around to see the rest. Lavaria and Whiparella watched as he covered his mouth and closed his eyes. The pair looked at him with concern.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Lavaria asked.

"Don't you like it?" Whiparella asked nervously.

Jestro looked at himself in the mirror. Lavaria made his usually wild hair nice and neat. She applied a nice amount of makeup on him; giving his cheeks a soft bit of blush with his favourite light red lipstick and light but colourful shares of blue and purple eyeshadow. He wore all white underneath his dress coat; like he was showing how he changed since the lifting of the curse. Jestro took his hand away as he gave the pair a teary but joyous smile.

"I love it." He croaked out.

Lavaria and Whiparella smiled as they pulled their boy into an embracive hug. Jestro managed to keep the tears in; smiling as he thought of how happy this day would be. The trio did not notice Magmar as he came in. The general knocked on the door to gain their attention.

"I hate to interrupt, but they're ready to start the ceremony." He said as he held out a ring made of flowers.

Lavaria nodded as she took the flower crown from Magmar and gently placed it on top of Jestro's head. Jestro made a small squeak as he covered his mouth.

"Excited?" Whiparella asked with a grin.

"Yeah. And a bit nervous." Jestro answered back.

Lavaria gently put her hand on Jestros cheek; making him look at her.

"It's alright, Jestro." She reassured him of any worries. "Just remember that your knight is out there waiting for you."

Jestro nodded with a nervous but eager smile. Magmar held as arm out to the jester; ready to lead him out of the room to the main event. Whiparella and Lavaria followed them as they made their way outside to a large gathering. Everyone was there. The gang, the Knights, Robin, Ava, Merlok, Roberto, the king and Queen and several squirebots; all standing around for the main event. Book Keeper turned away from the group to see Magmar coming with Jestro and the girls. The short man smiled before getting everyone's attention; silently telling them to move to the sides. Everyone quickly moved out of the way; revealing the second man of the hour.

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