Yandere Tord (TomTord) (part 1)

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Where it aaall began
Third Person
It was the second week of kindergarten, and everyone had already made their friends. Except for Tom and Tord, which Edd will introduce them to each other today.

Ms.Gold: "Alright, children! Go play!"

The cliques were in their spots. Edwardo, Mark, and Jon played action figures on the only futon in the classroom. Patryck and Paul ran around acting like airplanes in the center of the room. A random group of girls were playing barbie, cutting of their hair and dumping their heads into Elmeres glue. And Matt and Tord waited for Edd to arrive with Tom. Since his parents doesn't have a license, Edds mom is willing to be his carpool.

Tord:"So...where is he?"

Matt really likes Edd, but doesn't know what love is yet so he just calls him his best best best BEST friend EVER.

Matt:"HERE HE COMES!" He runs over to Edd practically knocking him down. Tom walks in after him, in overalls and a yellow shirt, holding his bear close to his chest, being all timid. He's such a cinnamon roll.

Tom:"Uh oh...Edd?.." Tord is mesmerized by what he believes to be Tom. He thought he looks adorable, and innocent. Tord feels the need to protect him. Like almost anyone who has feelings for him will take Tom away from him forever. He makes a move, walking up to Tom.

Tord:"Um...hi! I'm Tord. You must be Thomas!" He said full of confidence, reaching out his hand to shake. Tom was hesitant, but then took his hand in his. Both of them were blushing for different reasons. Tord couldn't believe he's shaking hands with his new senpai. And Tom is just really shy when meeting new people.
Edd:"Ug, Matt! You silly!"
Edd:"Oh. It seems like you two are already talking."
Matt:"COME ON EDD LETS PLAY SPIN THE COKE CAN!" Matt took Edds wrist and ran off. Leaving Tom and Tord to get to know each other.
Throughout the day, the two played legos, which didn't work out so well. Since Edwardo took most of the pieces. He's such an asshole. They tried playing paddy cake, but Tom didn't want let go of his bear. After trying out many things, they just sat and talked about what ever. Like the fact that Tord is Norwegian and Tom is going to go fishing with his dad this weekend.

Surprisingly, they had many things in common. Despite the fact that Tom is an introvert and Tord is the bad boy. The more he spoke with Thomas, he felt more alerted. Like who ever tries to stop their friendship would face his wrath.

Sometime later during snack time, the group sat around a big circular table along with the other kids. A girl with blonde pink tails walked up to Tom. Tord gave the stink eye, warning her to back off, but the brat pretended not to notice.

(victim):"Hi, cutie! What's your name?"


(victim):"..Your name."


The girl looks over to Tord in disgust. If you can't tell, she hates him. The previous day, Tord "messed up" her finger painting. She made a simple house, and what Tord added is two men in a red and blue hoodie. He felt like they belonged there. Also, he had a deja vu feeling, giving him a huge head ache. So bad that he had to go to the nurse. Which is the reason why he wasn't in trouble for "vandalizing" her art work. She looked back over to Tom, trying her best to ignore Tord.

(victim):"Nice name! I'm Becca! But you can call be baby, baby." Tord stuck his tongue out making a gagging sound. She was so annoyed that she asked the teacher to go to the bathroom. And that she can change her own diaper because she's a "big girl". The teacher didn't mind because she does not want to deal with her shit. Literally. Tord and Ms. Gold already had a bond since they both have some grudge against little miss perfect.

Tord sighed in annoyance, opening his lunch bag. There was sunny d, some gold fish, and....a knife? Why did his mother left a knife with his snacks? Then, an idea came to Tords head. With the knife, he feels he should go to the bathroom to where miss Becca Brat is. He looked at the teacher and she was drawing things on his desk, just like Tord! Making sure the coast is clear, he scurried across the room to the hallway. He hid behind the bathroom door and waited for her to come out. His heart bet fast, though, it is his first time. Tord took off his hoodie for preparation.

The door opened, swiftly, Tord covered her mouth with his hoodie, muffling her voice. And held her so she won't attempt to fight back. Becca kicked, squirmed, and screamed. Struggling to get out of Tords grasp but it was no use. She was dragged into the bathroom, the door closing soon after. Hearing a *click* sound in the lock.

Sometime later, Tord returned to the table, when everyone was throwing out their trash.

Tom:"What took you so long?"

Tord:"I...took out the trash?..hehe..."

Tom:"Fair enough."

(Tord stabbed her to death with the knife and threw her out the small window. Which on the outside, under the window was the dumpster. Hehe, get the joke. Also, it's crazy how a 5 year old stabbed a kid to death without getting caught. But hey. It's in his jeans. Ayyyyyye? Fine I'll stop.)

There will be a part 2 or 3. And there will be smut so look forward to that.

It's weird how I can stretch the story out so far from a simple request.

I'm still opened for requests so yell at me.

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