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Being a model is every girl's dream, and my nightmare. 

Ever since my over attentive mother signed my up for modelling, my life has turned from good to horrible. I hate modelling and all the pressure put on me and the other stick figure models. Pressure to be perfect and pretty, pressure to be a size 6 or 8 not a size14 like the director. Mr Mamothi, who is exactly what his name suggests. And he explains that he wanted to be 'one with his surname'. I despise him as I do the other mothers who pushed their girls into the toughest challenge in the world, well maybe not the toughest but damn close. 

Anyway, my name is Ria and I am sixteen years old. At age of 13, I was modelling for shoots. And I am a professional now. One thing that infuriates me about modelling is that models have to be skinny, super skinny. And I am not model skinny, neither am I fat for that matter. 

But I decided to change the way that girls look at models. I would change who could be models, with a little help from my bestie, Annabel.

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