1-. Some random stuff

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A/N First of all thank you very much if you decided to read this and I really, really hope you like it.

Now lets start:

Y/n logged in

Y/n has started a chatroom

Sam logged in
Dean logged in

Y/n: Hello Sammy and Deany
Sam: Hello Y/n
Dean: Hi

Sam has changed his name to Moose

Moose: Hey!!!
Moose: Change my name back!!!
Y/n: Let me think.... Nope

Dean has changed his name to Isn't Moose

Isn't Moose: Seriously Y/n?!?

Crowley logged in

Crowley: Hello boys and Y/n
Isn't Moose: How did you get a phone?
Crowley: Y/n gave me one on Christmas
Isn't Moose: Why she didn't gave me nothing!!!
Y/n: 'Cause Crowley is a better friendriaiJjJkKdjjdfeiaaoAiiaido
Isn't Moose: What?
(Sam)Y/n: I got her phone

Moose has changed his name to Sam

Isn't Moose has changed his name to Dean

Y/n: Got my phone back!
Sam: Hey Dean you won't belive me what I found on Y/n's Wattpad account!!
Dean: what did you find
Sam: A reading list full of Destiel!!
Dean: Wait isn't that a ship name of me and Castiel?!?!!

Castiel has logged in

Y/n: Come on you two would be very cute together!!
Castiel: who would be cute together and what's ship name?
Y/n: A ship is when someone tell that two people should be dating and the ship name is the way they call them
Castiel: So you say that me and Dean should be dating?
Y/n: Yep

Castiel has logged off

Dean: Now you scared him
Y/n: Awwwww you care about him
Sam: Destiel moment!!
Dean: I won't hold it anymore

Dean has logged off

Y/n: What about Sabriel?

Sam has logged off

Y/n: I knew it

Y/n has logged off

Crowley: Those persons are weird

Crowley has logged off

Chatroom closed

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