Part 14 - Into his arms

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There was an endless surge of walkers, who all looked pretty much the same... but one stood out, like it was someone I recognised... "Oh my god..."

I stared in shock at the reanimated corpse before me... I recognised the walker. "JAMES!!!" I sprinted towards him not even acknowledging his reanimated appearance. Tears filled my eyes as I ran to him. I wanted him back. I ran. I was nearly in his arms again. I was encased in between a pair of strong broad arms which prevented me to get to James. I struggled to get free but to know avail. I turned to see I was in Rick's arms, "Let go of me!!!" "I can't let you do that, Jess look he's gone! he belongs to the dead now!" I refused to believe it and furiously shook my head in disagreement "Look!" he said again but more forcefully.

I turned to get a proper look at James again... Rick was right. I stared at the shrunken holes that were his eyes, his shoulder bone was visible from where the walker had bitten him before he had died. James reached out to grab me but Rick pulled me back further, time seemed to go in slow motion... BANG... A bullet had pierced through James head at full speed, I turned to see who had shot him. Shane.

I looked back at the once again lifeless body that was once my fiancé... "!!!" I screamed, my legs collapsed, as I fell, Rick fell with me with his arms still wrapped around me. I kept screaming at the loss of the man I loved. I struggled and escaped the restraints of Ricks arms and left the gruesome, bloodied scene and walked off... I needed time to mourn.


I was quietly sobbing to myself, my vision kept blurring not matter how much I wiped my eyes, I couldn't stop myself from crying. How could he get all the way up here? I contemplated this for a moment wondering how James managed to get to the farm, all away from Atlanta... I shouldn't be all the way out by the woods, no one knows where I am and I'm not armed. But I didn't care. I felt as though someone had plunged their hand into the cavity that was my chest, and ripped my heart out, then trampled on it. I wish Shane hadn't have opened the barn, I wanted to throttle him! It is still a valid and understandable option...

"Jess, I'm so sor--" I knew exactly who it was... Shane never seemed the consolable type, he would just blunder in, dragging his knuckles on the ground and wouldn't think before he acted. "I don't. want. to . hear it." I snapped back without looking at him, he killed my reanimated fiancé I didn't want to look at his face.

I began to wipe my streaming tears and stand up regaining some composure and keeping what little dignity I had left. My face felt hot and blotchy which accompanied my throbbing headache and nausea. I quickly rotated myself 180 degrees to face Shane, I leant back and swung my fist at full speed until my hand collided with his face with a THWACK!... "What the fuck Jess! I came to apologise!" Shane's face was cradled in his hands, blood began to seep through his fingers. By the time I had punched Shane, Rick, Andrea and Dale had arrived, I guess they were going to break up all the commotion that I had created. "Who the fuck is he anyway??" Shane chimed again, pinching his bloodied up nose to prevent any further blood loss. "He wa-...." my breathing began to speed up though I was already finding it difficult to prevent hyperventilation..."He was my fiancé..." Shane stared at me, I glanced over at Andrea, who immediately looked to the ground, as did everyone else. I scanned around once more for any signs of acknowledgement and comfort... nothing.

I was going to cry again, I huffed a sign of sadness and insecurity and walked off into the woods. As I walked off, I could hear Rick mumble something, but I didn't hear what he had said. I didn't care i just needed to get out of there. Once i had ventured as far as i dares to go into the woods unarmed, I stopped and hung my head in my hands, what was I gonna do? I felt so alone. The woods were deafening yet it felt so silent. My eyes were closed and I could hear the wind rustling the leaves on the trees, the odd bird chirping in their nest beyond the lining of the tree tops, the natural sounds took my mind away from everything bad and gave me a bit of closure. SNAP... a twig had snapped behind me, I was sucked back into reality not knowing what or who was behind me, I spun around to see Rick. A wave of relief flushed over me to see his face and not an ugly, decaying walker staring back at me.

I stared at Rick for a moment as did he, he opened his arms, gesturing me to hug him. He walked towards me as I did to him, I sped up and crashed into him cuddling up to his chest, he wrapped his arms tight around me. I began to cry again, but I felt safer then I did before, Rick began to stroke my hair, giving me a sense of comfort in his arms "Its alright Jess, we'll get through this... together"

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