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The dragon above is what I'm copying Jon to look like. So when I say something he looks like his tail, that's what his tail looks like.

Jons pov.

Pain. It's all I feel as new bones grow, along with skin and muscle. Screaming. I'm screaming as spikes grow out of my body.

My throat becomes dry as I can no longer scream.

I'm withering in pain as it feels like my body was set on fire.

Finally I'm able to open my mouth, but what comes out wasn't a scream. It was fire. It wasn't even strong. Just a sputter.

Everything stops.

The pain is gone.

Anger. Those bastards did this to me.

Blue. Burning.


Screaming. Screaming everywhere.

Gunshots. More screaming... it turned into screeching.

I'm flying now. Using my new wings to get me far far away.

Im exhausted once I land. I look at myself in a clear pond. The skin besides my eyes are scaled a light shade of blue. My eyes are darker. There's a fire burning behind them.

I had a small horn on my nose along with two larger ones protruding from my head, past my black hair. There were spikes going from the base of my neck all the way down my spine to the tail I now have.

I coughed, sending blue flames to lick the space infront of me.

I made my wings stretch out. They were like a bats. I was able to see the bone connecting them through the silky skin.

On the edge of my wing I had a claw. I moved it up and down, frowning.

I spun in a circle, trying to catch a view of my tail.

It was blue, like the rest of me, and the end had a big spike ball. It was beautiful but horrifying at the same time.

I sighed and started shivering. The area had gotten cold and there was mist on the ground.

I tried flapping my wings but I could barley stretch them again.

I walked to a tree and climbed up it. 

I settled in and felt my tail wrap around the branch. Fire trucks were heard in the distance. Towards civilization.

I whimper and curl up into a ball, breathing warm air on myself to stay warm.

Night finally came as I kept my eyes closed.

Footsteps. Someone's coming.

I open my eyes and almost scream. I could see perfectly. I had night vision.

In the distance I could barley make out the form of a drunk, stumbling through the forest. He was sweaty. The smell reaching me even from the distance.

No. I will not kill a human. I will not be like other humanoids.

I kept on reciting that in my head as my eyes followed the man.

He stumbled and fell down.

Pity shot through me as he started crying, holding his ankle.

He got hurt.

I quickly fly to his side, he couldn't tell what I was.

"Are you okay?" I ask startling him.

He shakes his head.

I bend down to help him up. The second he gets a good look at me he pushes me away before limping as fast as he could screaming monster.

I frown and go back to the tree I was in before. I close my eyes and try to fall asleep.

I was only 17 when I lost my life. When I was changed. When I became one of the most feared things on the planet.

Now I try to change the name of my people. I've gathered the only ones not set on making more and burning down homes.

Now I'm delirious.

Tylers pov.

My home. My home is burning down.

My parents are inside. So is my little sister.

I was screaming. Calling out for help.

I had my gun in my hand. I killed the things that did It, there bodies falling on the roof of the burning building.

I was staring at the building completely engulfed in fire. My families screaming stopped.

They were dead.

Other people were screaming. Another humanoid was burning stuff down.

I couldn't move to help. I just sat there staring at the place I once called a home.

Soon the fire engines arrived and doused the flames. They went inside and came back out with three body's. To burned to be recognized.

I was only 18 then.

I was only eighteen when the dragons took everything from me.

Now I'll take everything from them.

Welcome to my new story! So this might not be updated a lot cause I have a bunch of stories still not completed but hope y'all enjoyed the first chapter! Peace! ✌🏻

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