"Who the fuck drinks wine coolers? Are we at a college party?" I deadpanned. "I remember drinking Zima when I was away at school. Fuck ..."

"I'm in college, asshat," she snapped, arching a brow and giving me a defiant smile.

"Graduate school, cara. There's a difference," I snapped back with a crooked grin and she rolled her eyes, an aggravated huff escaping her lips.

"And to let you know, it was your mother who requested the wine coolers," Bella snickered. She kissed my lips, pushing me out the back slider. I checked the refrigerator, seeing it was filled. I also checked the garage refrigerator for more alcoholic beverages to refill the outdoor kitchen. When I was done, Bella told me to go upstairs to shower. She was supposed to finish making the appetizers and side dishes. The mains would be cooked outside. Jake and Emmett were manning the grill, again, because I was hopeless in the realm of cooking.

Going back inside, I went upstairs and grabbed a pair of shorts since it was really warm. Summer was coming early. I was happy with the warm weather. I'd rather deal with the heat than the cold. It was the Italian blood flowing through my veins that made me love the heat.

Bella, however, was in the shower. Oooh, bonus! Naked fun time? I checked my watch and we had some time before people started arriving. I stripped out of my clothes and slid into the shower. My hands wrapped around her tiny waist. "Edward," she whimpered, turning around. "You should be ..."

"Making love to my fiancée," I said, kissing her deeply. She moaned as her hands fisted my hair. My tongue slid between her lips, tasting her sweet mouth. "I need you, cara. I love you and I just have to show you."

"Yes, baby," she breathed, her hand snaking down my belly, wrapping around my growing arousal. She twisted her hand, running it along my length.

"Hmm, as nice as that feels, you had your taste this morning. Now, it's my turn," I purred against her neck. I kissed down her body, suckling on her breasts before crouching before her. I draped one leg over my shoulder. I nibbled on her inner thigh before I wrapped my lips around her erect clit.

"Fuck," Bella moaned, her hands tangling into my hair. I smiled against her pussy, tasting her sweetness, which was going to be the most delectable thing on the menu by far. My tongue slid along her folds, relishing in her arousal that coated my lips. I flicked her clit and pushed two fingers inside her, making her shudder. "Your mouth on me ... so fucking good. Don't stop. Don't ever stop, Edward."

"Never," I growled, lapping up her essence and pumping my hand in and out of her slowly, teasing her. I wanted her to feel every inch of me today. My fingers, my tongue, my cock ... The latter would come soon, after my girl came.


I wanted my own shower, damn it. Do you catch my drift?

I curled my fingers inside her, massaging the spongy part of her that made her explode all around me every time. I sucked on her clit and felt her body rock with me with each thrust of my hand. She was moaning, loudly. I blinked up, my free hand cupping one of her breasts. I roughly rubbed my thumb across her nipple and she groaned. Her arousal was spilling out of her, coating my hand. I could taste her on my tongue. Her essence was everything delicious about my girl. All sweet, succulent and perfect, just like her.

"Edward ... I'm so fucking close. Harder, baby," she whimpered, looking down and biting her lip. I growled against her folds, sucking on her clit and pounding my hand inside her. She leaned heavily against the tiled wall as she panted, pleading, crying for more. With my pinky, I grazed her asshole and she shuddered, her head falling back in pleasure. "FUCK! Edward ..."

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