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Why am I updating? I'm depressed and writing provides me happiness.
Zeus is in the gif...

Far later that evening, Apollo glanced out of his palace, contemplating calling the one mortal who he considered his closest companion to a friend. Perhaps she would be a marvelous sounding board for describing the horrible situation before him. He could use someone to describe meeting the she-beast who was his supposed betrothed. But then again, Elle Darrow was a woman who Apollo had been previously infatuated and was married to another. It would not be appropriate to converse with her.

A powerful signal was calling forth in Apollo's mind. His father was summoning him. The god ignored the summon until the sky started to alight with a multitude of thunderbolts across the sky. To any mortal this was a mere thunderstorm occurring. To any child of Zeus, this was an angry father who demanded your attention.

Deciding he had nothing better to do with his free time, Apollo decided to grace his father with his presence. Perhaps it was yet another meeting with Demeter wishing to discuss how she was more fit to be Queen of the gods than Hera. It was a discussion that took place just about once a year every year. It usually occurred right before a massive earthquake or a roaring typhoon occurred. Every Olympian was to be present during one of these heated arguments. Every time Hera and Demeter engaged in an all-out fight, nearly every time it led to a catastrophic event for human life.
Apollo could never find himself wanting to defend his wretched stepmother in regards to Hera keeping her throne. He quite favored Demeter in contrast to how monstrous his stepmother was. But alas, it was not written in the stars for Demeter to ever become Zeus's queen. This is how one of those discussions ended every year exactly.

Perhaps that was what had Apollo so vexed. He certainly held no care for his father's love life of course; that was a natural disaster of its own each time Zeus chose to lay with someone who was not Hera. Humans felt earthquakes were the result of sudden movement in the earth's crust. Ha! Little did the foolish simpletons know it was result of an enraged goddess discovering yet again her husband had been unfaithful.
What had Apollo lost in thought was wondering about fate. He had been known to be a god of prophecy, believing that fate dictated how all should play out; but what happened now that he disbelieved his own faith regarding his supposed betrothed...?

A much larger flash of lighting flickered across the night sky. It was followed by a booming rage of thunder. Gritting his teeth, Apollo suddenly transported himself to his father's throne room. Zeus was tall and proud glaring as he stood by a pillar. Hera was drawn lazily in her chair, one shimmery smooth leg draped over the other.

The room was not alone minus Apollo, Zeus, and the temperamental Hera. Another goddess was here. The one that held more gorgeous looks and grace than kindness. She shot Apollo a mischievous look, her sheer dazzling beauty nearly making her sparkle. "You have been a naughty boy, Apollon," Aphrodite smiled. "It looks as though you have encountered daddy's wrath."

Apollo loathed Aphrodite nearly as much as she detested him. Long ago, a demigod son of Apollo's caught the goddess in compromising position with a man who was not her husband Hephaestus. As punishment for the youth bearing witness to her infidelity, Aphrodite blinded the boy. Apollo then retaliated rightly so.
This event caused a very ugly rift to blossom between the two immortals for many centuries. Knowing just what to say, Apollo did not even glance at the goddess to acknowledge her. "I believe you have a husband to continue making a mockery of, Aphrodite," he said coolly. "I do hope your current mortal lover does not wind up like Adonis..."

His casual words wiped the smirk off the goddess's face. Not many knew that the lovely Aphrodite held a still-living mortal husband and even a few demigod spawn. To Apollo's knowledge, she had a nearly adult son and an adolescent daughter. Judging on her expression, the goddess clearly thought she had hidden her secret family well enough were no immortal would no they were even alive. Not Apollo. He kept track of his enemies. One simply never knew when it would benefit them to know their secrets.

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