chapter 25

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Lucy's POV:

I woke up to find myself in someone's arms.

Jerking myself out of them, I landed on the floor in a crouched position, my hand on my whip.

Glaring at the two men in front of me, I noticed that one of the men was the brother of the Holy Prince, The Dark rejected prince, Rouge.

Luckily for me, we had never met in person, I only knew it was him because of the pictures Sting showed me when he would visit.

The tale goes, when Sting and Rogue were younger, both went into the woods behind their kingdom to play and explore.
While they were exploring, they came across a small group of travelers.

The travelers were evil and cruel men, and tried to do horrible things to the two boys.

But Rogue knew that Sting couldn't handle the things the men were going to do them, so he fought the men long enough for Sting to escape back to the palace to get help.

By the time the army came to save Rogue, it was too late.

The travelers had had their way with him, then beat him close to death.

After that, Rogue became cold and heartless. If anyone even looked at him wrong he'd instantly kill them.

His reign of terror ended when his parents exiled him. He was only 10 years old when he was forced to leave the kingdom.

No one ever saw him again. Many rumors spread around about his disappearance.

Some said he had committed suicide, while others said he had joined sides with the terrifying demon king END, and had been turned into a blood thirsty demon.

But seeing him right now, I had a feeling both rumors weren't true.

Slowly leaving my crouched position, I stood up, still glaring at Rogue and the man beside him, and begin to speak.

" I feel like I should be honored being in the Dark Prince's presence, but you know what, I feel really cold.," I said in a rude tone, throwing my hair over my shoulder.

Rogue just growled, and I saw the man beside him flinch.

Rogue opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, I plugged my nose and waved my hand in front of my face.

" Damn boy! Have you ever heard of a toothbrush! Your breath smells like rotten meat and death!"

I saw a deadly aura surround him, and I literally saw  the man beside him scream in terror and run away.

" Listen up you blonde haired b**ch! I'm just doing my job! A girl named Lisanna cane and found me, even though I have no idea how, and threatened to spill my location, unless I kidnapped you and killed you. Now you can let me kill you quickly and painlessly, or I can kill you very slowly and painfully. You choose."

I wish I could say that I'm shocked, but honestly, I'm seriously not.

I never really trusted Lisanna.

I mean, I've only been here for less than a month and she already sent someone to kill me.

Well I just want her to know, after I kick this dude's ass, I'm going to make her wish she me.

Sighing, I slowly pulled out Aries key.

Smirking at Rogue, I summoned Aries.

" I don't know about you Rogue, but I love a good challenge. So i guess we're doing this the hard way."

Then, me and Aries attacked.

Natsu's POV:

I swear, if Lisanna wasn't apart of this guild, I would have already ripped her to pieces.

And I'm guessing everyone else feels the same way as me.

Why do we feel this way might you ask?

Well here's why.

This entire time we've been searching for my Luce, Lisanna has been whining and complaining about how we all should forget about Lucy, and how it was useless to search for her.

So far the guild and I have dealt with her complaining without causing her any harm.

That is until she said the words that broke my patience and made me release my anger.

" I don't see why we're looking for a dead tramp anyways, I mean come on, no one even likes her!"

After she said that, I turned around to face her , then I slapped her in the face.

" Shut the hell up you hideous wench! We are looking for Luce because she is our family! And if you ever say she's dead again, I will personally rip you to shreds! Do you understand!", I roared, staring wildly at her.

Lisanna stared at me shocked, before laughing like a insane person.

" Why would I lie to you Natsu~? I swear I'm telling the truth. I know she's dead because I'm the one who sent the two men to kidnap her! I told them to kidnap her, then kill her! Because once she's dead we can be together!"

Snarling, I lunged for her, only to be stopped by a giant hand wrapping around me.

I saw Master Makarov walk towards Lisanna, his hand still around me.

Master glared at Lisanna as he began to speak to her in a furious voice.

" Lisanna Strauss, for this very moment, you are no longer a Fairy Tail wizard. Today and forever, you are now an enemy of this guild. If we ever see you again, we will not hesitate to attack you. This is goodbye."

And with that, he removed her guild mark.

Lisanna looked at him in shock, before screeching," just you wait Fairy Tail! I will destroy you all!"

Then, she kicked the Master and sprinted away.

Luckily for her the Master was not harmed.

After a moment, we began our search again.

Hang in there Luce, I'm coming for you!

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