First Day of Training- Lloyd

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"Y/N, time to wake up." Lloyd said taking your headphones off.

"No, 5 more minutes." You yawned.

"Come on sis." He chuckled, "I'll carry you to the kitchen."

"Fine." You said and climbed on his back.

He smiled and carried you of of your room.

You rested your head on his shoulder.

"Okay time to really wake up." He said setting you on a chair.

You rub your eyes and nod, "I'm awake."

He smiled, "after breakfast we're going to train."

"Sounds fun." You replied.

After breakfast he took you outside.

"Ready?" He smiled.

"Real question is, are you ready?"

He chuckled and attacked.

You jumped over him and landed behind.

"Hehe." You said and sent a blast at him, knocking him to the ground.

"Got ya!" You smiled.

"Yes you did." He smirked and knocked you off your feet.


He tickled you.

"Stop!" You laughed.

"What was that? I think I heard something. Was that my sister perhaps?"


"Okay, I'll stop." He chuckled.

"Your the best." You smiled.

"Why thank you!"

He helped you up and you two went inside.

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